‘Avengers: Endgame’ Was a Completely Different Experience for Fans Who Saw It in Theaters

Some films are just made to watch in a movie theater, with Avengers: Endgame arguably one of the most necessary. A year later, MCU fans who saw it for the first time in a theater are still talking about the initial wave of excitement.

Many fans are also thankful COVID19 managed to never disrupt the release of Endgame. Imagining the chaos this would have wrought is profound if now moot.

With much of the world in quarantine now, MCU fans turn to social media to remind themselves of what they loved about Endgame. Recent discussions brought up some of the scenes that needed a movie theater experience to make them work.

Knowing this becomes a reminder of how valuable movie theaters still are.

What was the greatest moment of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ in a movie theater?

The cast of Avengers: Endgame
The cast of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)

Someone on Reddit recently posted a thread with a clip of Endgame when Captain America manages to acquire the Mjolnir hammer from Thor. The particular electrifying scene was captured from a movie theater on opening night of the film, with the audience reacting to virtually everything.

When Cap is shown wielding Mjolnir (to Thor’s amazement), the crowd roared in excitement. Some of the noises from the audience were almost a bit hysterical, causing some commenters to mention how one sounded like a Goofy howl from Disney.

Well, if one thinks those reactions were a little bit over the top, it proves how much MCU movies mean to a good chunk of the populace. Not many movies watched in a movie theater garner reaction on this level.

One might even say because of these reactions, the MCU needs movie theaters more than VOD. Latter may have to become an option, however, in a time when COVID19 could disrupt movie theaters from being visited for more than a year.

Should Marvel withhold all future MCU movies until theaters reopen?

Marvel obviously realizes the importance of fans being able to see delayed movies like Black Widow in a movie theater, hence its reschedule to November. Other MCU movies for Phase Four will be in the first half of 2021, making it worth the wait for the theatrical experience.

Not that VOD would be a complete removal from a theatrical feel. With so many people now owning large screen 4K/8K TV’s, some can recreate a theatrical ambiance. Then again, watching an MCU movie with fellow fans is like nothing else.

No other movie in recent memory created an audience response like Endgame did. As much as all filmmakers wish they could create movies bringing on screams and hollers in every scene, very few manage to bring top-notch action and heart all at the same like the MCU has.

Having Marvel withhold some Phase Four movies is arguably the best thing to do so they can be experienced for the first time in a movie theater. Not that this may need changing due to COVID19 keeping theaters closed longer than planned.

Can Video On Demand and shared experiences online bring a theatrical experience?

In a scenario where Marvel has to choose another option beyond a theatrical release, VOD may become a reality for films like Black Widow. If seen there first, perhaps a similar theatrical feel is possible when adding video apps like Zoom to the mix. Those watching Black Widow for the first time in a VOD format could go out to strangers or friends in real-time on Zoom for a shared online experience.

Technology like that might have to reinvent theatrical reactions…at least for a while. Because COVID19 has many unknowns on how long it affects things, this might become the MCU’s temporary reality.

Would Marvel release early Phase Four films back in theaters once latter reopen, though? No doubt millions would still turn out. If this scenario happened, it would prove how watching in a theater is still a unique realm from any substitute.

Endgame ultimately proved the magic of the movies is intact for now.