‘Avengers: Endgame’: What Does the Soul Stone Actually Do?

The Infinity Stones from the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe still have a bit of mystery, even though they had more description from the comic books. In the early days of Marvel comics, they were known as Infinity Gems, and later changed to Stones.

The movies also kept each stone in place: Mind, Power, Reality, Soul, Space, and Time.

With the soul stone, fans are still a little mystified over what it actually does. Fans on social media recently went into a deep-dive on this to understand exactly how it factored into why these stones are so valued.

As everyone knows now, the stones are also dangerous when placed in the wrong hands. At least they were destroyed in the original timeline, if still existing in alternate timelines.

Most of the superheroes got their powers from the Mind and Space stones

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A user on Reddit recently posted a video compilation of a few Marvel superheroes who got their powers from individual Infinity Stones. For the most part, these powers only came from the mind and space stones, proving how much power just one stone could offer.

Since Vision was the keeper of the mind stone during the time of Infinity War, he had to give up his life to attempt any thwarting of Thanos. With all that attention on the mind stone, fans have never really seen what the potential is of the other gems.

Through the soul stone, the power it might hold is still somewhat of a mystery. Regardless, the soul stone still became a key part of the Time Heist in Endgame. Natasha Romanoff sacrificed her life so Hawkeye could snatch up the soul stone from the planet Vormir. Then Captain America made sure to return the stone after the job was done.

What would the soul stone do in the possession of someone, though? Based on fan response, confusion is still rampant. All everyone knows is Red Skull was the initial keeper of this stone.

The consequences of obtaining the Soul Stone were dire

For those who never paid attention, Thanos had to sacrifice someone he loved to acquire the soul stone as dictated by Red Skull. To acquire the stone, Thanos then killed Gamora, his daughter.

While she was dead for a while, her past self managed to travel to the future to overcome her own father who killed her.

There might be further confusion there when going by what the soul stone can do in the comic book stories. In that version of the soul stone, one could control souls of any person, including where they go. Other hints show the soul stone having a mind of its own and keeping souls of those who died into its own realm.

After vague evidence of this with Thanos, many ponder whether those dusted in Infinity War still existed within the soul stone. Should this hold true, the weird thought of Gamora’s present spirit may exist there while an alternate version of herself from the past lives on in the present.

Yes, this might sound profoundly confusing, yet only the beginning in what the soul stone might really do.

It was said the Soul Stone was the most dangerous of all the stones

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According to comic book lore, the soul stone was always considered the riskiest to use because it could mess up the essence of any person. On top of it, the stone can allow resurrections of anyone who died.

The destruction of these stones was perhaps for the better since having the soul stone in Avenger possession would just complicate things further on making death final. With all the stones still existing in alternate timelines, the danger may still be there if someone gains access to them.

No one should be surprised if the soul stone and the other stones are acquired again down the line by a new villain. Unfortunately, they might be impossible to use on the likes of departed Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff.