Ayesha Curry Says Basketball Season is When Meal Prep Matters Most for Her Family

When it comes to celebrity parents, it’s hard to find a pair doing it better than Ayesha and Steph Curry.

Steph Curry may grab all the headlines with his heroics on the basketball court for the Golden State Warriors, but the rock behind the Curry family is his wife, Ayesha. So how does she do it? One trick she uses is to meal prep. Let’s take a closer look at how (and why) she does it. 

Ayesha Curry’s love of cooking

Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry on the red carpet
Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry | Steve Jennings/Getty Images

According to Biography.com, Ayesha Curry was born in 1989, marrying Steph in 2011. That was the same year she started her own blog and YouTube channel focused on cooking, one of her passions. 2016 saw her receive her own program on the Food Network.

The show was first titled Ayesha’s Homemade before being rebranded as Ayesha’s Home Kitchen. The show was about her creating meals for her family (who would make occasional cameo appearances as well). Other culinary business endeavors she’s embarked on included a cookbook, a cookware line, and several restaurants. 

There’s no question how much she enjoys cooking — but how does that manifest itself when it comes to her family? 

Ayesha Curry loves meal prepping

A feature on Parents.com highlighted Curry’s cooking, and she shared some more of her tips on how she keeps her family healthy and happy with her cooking. One item she shared was her love of meal prepping: 

“Meal prep is big in my house, especially during basketball season, when Stephen needs to fuel up with super-healthy foods. When he’s home for a long stretch, I’ll cook a tub of hard boiled eggs and protein bowls with quinoa, veggies, and salmon or grilled chicken.

And I love making big pasta dishes to have on hand during the week. I always try to keep a store-bought rotisserie chicken in the fridge. It’s cheap, and the possibilities are endless: Slice it up and make sandwiches, cut it up and serve with veggies and rice, or make a soup with the leftovers.”

Curry keeps her husband and kids happy with a variety of well-prepared, tasty, and nutritious meals and snacks. But what’s the main advantage of meal prepping, and how does it help keep her family on track? 

Why does Ayesha Curry love meal prepping so much? 

With a family as busy as hers, Curry is a big proponent of meal prepping. She told Self Magazine that she is a big fan of the practice, which involves preparing meals ahead of time then refrigerating or freezing them to be enjoyed later. The advantage to this is that it allows you to cook bigger portions at once without having to cook every day. 

There are several reasons why Curry loves meal prepping, including: 

  • It gives her family plenty of options. Curry said, “I make like 10 at a time so we always have a ton on hand…Each one will always contain a grain, a starch, and a lean protein, and then she’ll eat them for lunch or dinner, and sometimes Stephen will munch on them for a filling snack.” 
  • It cuts down on food waste. She also has a number of tricks to keep the food lasting longer. For example, she recommends storing leafy greens with a paper towel in a plastic baggie to avoid wilting. 
  • She can cook it on any day. Many families see Sunday as the natural day for meal prep, but Curry typically does it on whatever day works best based on the family’s schedule (and more often than not, the Warriors’ schedule). 

It’s no wonder Steph shows up to so many of his games well-energized and ready to take on the whole NBA — it sounds as if his wife has him and the rest of the family eating well at home.