‘B Positive’: Death Becomes a Reality for Drew

This week on B Positive, we see part two of Drew’s struggle to deal with what happened to Jerry after his failed kidney transplant. Drew sinks into a deep depression and begins to act out. Here’s a look at what happened on this episode of B Positive.

Drew is depressed on ‘B Positive’

Thomas Middleditch on 'B Positive' |  Michael Yarish/CBS via Getty Images
Thomas Middleditch on ‘B Positive’ | Michael Yarish/CBS via Getty Images

During B Positive Season 1, Episode 10 (titled “B Negative Part 2”), Drew drops his daughter, Maddie, and his ex-wife, Julie, off at the airport. In the previous episode, it looked like he was heading off to Iceland, but he was really seeing them off.

Drew decided to pay for the trip and gift Julia and Maddie with a vacation. He wanted to do something nice for them because he figures life is short and he didn’t want to miss an opportunity to show his daughter how much he loves her.

Drew made it back home safely, but Gina tells him he’s been getting calls from the dialysis center. Everyone was worried about him because he didn’t show up for his dialysis appointment. Drew says he just wanted to do something nice for his daughter while he’s still alive.

“I didn’t want my kid waiting for me to be healthy enough to go because I might never be,” says Drew. Gina tries to encourage him, but he reminds her that Jerry had a transplant, and his kidney didn’t work. Gina tells him that she understands he’s feeling down but he can’t skip dialysis.

“I am sorry about that, but you cannot skip dialysis,” says Gina. “It’s not optional. This isn’t taxes or car insurance.”

During a conversation with Norma, Gina says she thinks Drew is overreacting. Norma suggests she bring drew to the assisted living facility so he can see there are people facing worse situations.

Drew goes missing

Later on, Gina finds Drew sitting in the dark and drinking beer. He tells her he wants to have fun, so she gives him a pill. He becomes thirsty, so Gina gets him water. However, when she returns to the living room, Drew is gone. He had a little too much fun and ends up leaving the house and wandering the streets. Gina calls the police, but they tell her it could take at least three hours for them to arrive.

Drew’s dialysis buddies hear he’s missing, so they go looking for him. Meanwhile, Drew is wandering around his neighborhood, delirious. He finally gets tired and decides to lie down on someone’s lawn. He asks God to take him. He says he doesn’t want to have hope and then have it taken away like what happened with Jerry. “If you’re going to take me, just do it,” says Drew. “Strike me down already.”

Gina and Eli, one of his friends from dialysis, find Drew passed out, so they take him to the hospital. Drew later finds out that the pill Gina gave him was just Tylenol. He was hallucinating because he’s in renal failure and he missed dialysis. Drew’s friends remind him that he has a lot to live for and he needs to take better care of himself.

B Positive airs on CBS Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

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