Baby Come Back! ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Star Ronn Moss Resumes His Role in the 1970s Rock Band, Player

The Bold and the Beautiful fans know Ronn Moss as the original Ridge Forrester. And while Thorsten Kaye is certainly doing a great job in the role, there are many fans who remember Moss fondly. But did you know that he’s actually a rock star? That’s right — he’s one of the original members of the 1970s rock group, Player. The band had one of the biggest hits of that era.

The Bold and the Beautiful star Ronn Moss, pictured here in a blue blazer and holding a fan
Ronn Moss of ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ | Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

Ronn Moss was on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ for many years

From 1987 until 2012, Ronn Moss portrayed Ridge Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful. He was the actor who actually originated the role. After 2012, Thorsten Kaye began playing the role.

Longtime fans of The Bold and the Beautiful will remember that the so-called “Ronn Moss” era of the show featured some of the best-known, and loved, storylines in the show’s history. Fans will remember that Ridge, at that time, was in a three-way love triangle with Brooke (who, then as now, is played by Katherine Kelly Lang) and Caroline Spencer. And eventually, his brother Thorne Forrester got involved in the triangle, making it a quadrangle.

Ridge would go back and forth between Brooke and Taylor for years. As of right now, Ridge (being played by Thorsten Kaye) is with Brooke.

But he got his start in the rock band, Player

While several fans know Moss from The Bold and the Beautiful, several more know him as an original member of the 1970s rock group, Player. The band was formed in 1976 when Moss linked up with original singer and songwriter Peter Beckett. The group was rounded out by guitarist/keyboardist J.C Crowley, and drummer John Friesen. Moss played the bass and sang some of the songs.

The band is best known for their No. 1 hit song, “Baby Come Back.” You can see Moss performing live in the clip below. (He’s in the red shirt.)

The last time the original lineup of Player performed was in 2015. They also went on tour with the Little River Band. But then, Moss and Beckett were engaged in a legal battle over the use of the name. Ultimately, it was decided that they would each perform under the “Player” banner separately. Beckett’s version is “Peter Beckett’s Player,” while Moss’s version is “Ronn Moss’s Player.”

The band recently performed a live show featuring Moss

According to SoapHub, Ronn Moss still has a large following for his version of Player thanks to The Bold and the Beautiful fans. And, on November 11, he performed a live show for his fans all over the world.

“We are preparing for my first live-streaming experience with you for tomorrow 11/11 on both my Facebook and YouTube channels at 12pm PST/3pm EST and at 21:00 in Europe,” Moss wrote, according to the outlet. “I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of you in the livestream and hope you will enjoy the concert.”

You can check out the performance below.


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