‘The Bachelor’ Star Ben Higgins Shuts Down ‘All Lives Matter’ Supporters on Instagram

The Bachelor Season 20 star Ben Higgins is speaking out against those who use “All Lives Matter” in response to the Black Lives Matter movement

During an episode of “Hope Still Wins” on IGTV, Higgins acknowledged his privilege and willingness to learn following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, which sparked protests throughout the country. The reality star then showed his support for Black Lives Matter. But when fans started commenting “All Lives Matter,” Higgins explained how they were missing his point.

Ben Higgins discusses George Floyd and shows support for the Black Lives Matter movement

Ben Higgins attends the Build Series to discuss "The Bachelor Live On Stage" Tour at Build Studio on January 29, 2020 in New York City.
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On May 31, Higgins started the “Hope Still Wins” episode on Instagram with a few words about Floyd’s death. He noted it was important to begin these types of conversations, but also admitted he wasn’t knowledgeable to say much.

“I really wanted to start this out and recognize the events over the last few days and especially the murder and death of George Floyd,” Higgins said. “So apart of my mission with this is to understand more on what I can do to help and not to hurt. And to mourn the lives that are lost, to mourn the lives that are being taken from us, come together.”

Later, Higgins also apologized for his previous ignorance and claimed he was willing to learn moving forward. 

“I just wanted to say this: I don’t know. I’m sorry for not knowing, I’m sorry for being behind it, I’m sorry for waiting until the world is up in flames for me to recognize it,” Higgins said. “It’s not something I’m proud of, it’s not something that sits easily with me today. But help me understand, please. Help us understand.”

Nevertheless, Higgins wanted to make his stance on the subject clear to everyone watching. 

“What I want to say is Black Lives Matter,” Higgins said. “This is not OK. It is not OK what’s been done. It’s not OK that myself and many others are not educated and we’re just now catching up on the injustices that have been screamed to us for years by black people. It’s not OK that I’m just now understanding this.”

Ben Higgins responds to fans who commented ‘All Lives Matter’ in response to ‘Black Lives Matter’

Immediately after Higgins shared his support for the Black Lives Matter movement, the former bachelor responded to the comments.

“I know there are comments coming through this saying, ‘All Lives Matter.’ Of course, I believe that. You’re missing the point,” Higgins said. “This isn’t an ‘All Lives Matter’ versus ‘Black Lives Matter’ thing. It’s not.”

The 31-year-old also addressed his own community. 

“I’m really, honestly, just tired — especially of people like myself who are Christians, who believe in Jesus, believe in love, and believe that every human has a purpose and matters,” Higgins said. “I’m tired of you all going back in the face of people [who are] screaming, ‘We just want to be heard.’”

He continued, “So I don’t want to hear about this ‘All Lives Matter’ stuff when I just simply try to tell you that yes, all lives do matter. Nobody’s arguing that. There’s not one person in this world that’s saying that’s not true. But right now, we have mission, we have a purpose. We need to recognize that black lives matter and we need to start understanding and listening to them. Humble yourself for a bit.”

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Higgins then told those who were commenting “All Lives Matter” to unfollow him.

“I don’t want to see any more comments,” he said. “I would love for you to leave, I would love for you to unfollow me, I would love for you to go off, and run away in your own little isolated, arrogant, confused land.”

Higgins added, “I’m not doing this anymore. I don’t want to sit back and have people of faith, people that I know, especially white people who have no clue — unless you’re listening to the people that are screaming, ‘Listen, help us’ or ‘Hear us.’”

Before bringing on his special guest, Colby Martin, Higgins had a few final words for those who continue to feel uncomfortable when the Black Lives Matter movement is brought up.

He said:

If you’re sitting out there and you’re uncomfortable about the things going on in this world … and you’re angry — not because of racism and that it exists — but you’re angry, you’re defensive, you’re commenting on this thing saying, ‘All Lives Matter,’ when all I said was a statement that, all of a sudden, really offended you — saying, ‘Black Lives Matter’ — I’m just asking you to check yourself. 

Your life is too valuable, it’s too important. We need you too much to be a vital part of society, we need you to wake up. We need you to humble yourself, to learn, to educate yourself, to realize you don’t have to have it all. You don’t have to understand it all, you don’t have to be right all the time … It’s OK for you to be wrong, it’s OK not to know. It’s OK for you to learn, it’s healthy for us to learn. 

White people, we need to start learning. We need to start listening. This is a big deal. So instead of getting defensive, instead of getting into your safe shells, and instead of when I make one comment about Black Lives Matter and you react in unison in defense, ask yourself why you do that. 

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