‘The Bachelor’: Blake Horstmann Says He’d Rather ‘Sh*t in [His] Hand and Clap’ Than Go on Nick Viall’s Podcast

Former bachelor Nick Viall has a podcast called The Viall Files where he interviews members of Bachelor Nation (as well as other celebrities, friends, and experts). He and his guests “answer fan questions, spill bachelor tea, and get vulnerable in a quest to understand the world better,” according to the podcast’s description.

Nick Viall
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Blake Horstmann will never go on ‘The Viall Files’

But there’s one member of Bachelor Nation who you couldn’t pay to go on The Viall Files and “get vulnerable.” And that’s Blake Horstmann, originally seen as the runner-up on Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette and the villain of the most recent season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Horstmann recently did a Q&A with fans on Instagram and one fan wrote in: “Nick V is always talking sh*t on you. Would you ever do his pod?”

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Horstmann responded: “I would rather sh*t in my hand and clap.”

“He talks sh*t about everyone…” he added.

So don’t expect Horstmann to pop up on The Viall Files anytime soon.

Blake Horstmann on ‘Bachelor’ fame–how he deals with the hate and the love

Another fan asked Horstmann if he’s done with The Bachelor franchise for good or if he’d ever return.

“Ummm honestly I don’t know. If I could be myself and able to open up again in that environment I would. But IDK if I ever could again…” he responded.

The fan also asked who in the fanchise Horstmann wants to meet that he hasn’t already.

“I wanna meet everyone. I love getting to know people outside of an edited TV show. I love being surprised by the real person,” he wrote.

After Horstmann became the villain of the last season of Bachelor in Paradise, he received a lot of online hate from fans of the show. One Instagram user asked Horstmann how he “deflect[s] the haters and not let them faze [him].”

“Honestly they will always faze you. If someone says it doesn’t they are lying. You begin to get thicker skin over time,” he wrote. “I always compare it to getting into shape. Sometimes getting into shape isn’t about getting stronger it is about how fast you can recover. Same with haters. It will hurt no matter what, but over time you will get in better ‘shape’ and you will get over it faster.”

“D*mn that’s philosophical AF,” he added.

Another fan asked Horstmann if he gets “frustrated when people come up to [him] in public and ask for pictures.”

“I don’t. sometimes it can be overwhelming, but there aren’t many people who can make someone smile just being themselves and letting someone take a picture with them. I never take for granted being able to make someone smile,” he wrote. “Also don’t be afraid to come up and ask!”

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