‘The Bachelor’: Bri Springs Opens Up About Life After Matt James Split

The Bachelor Season 25 fans were disappointed when Bri Springs and Matt James did not end up together after Fantasy Suite week. Now, as the grand finale approaches on March 15, many viewers are wondering how the contestant is doing. Following her split from Matt on The Bachelor, Bri opened up about her life in a post on Instagram.

What happened to Bri Springs and Matt James on ‘The Bachelor’ Season 25?

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When Bri first appeared on The Bachelor Season 25, many viewers hoped to see the contestant make it through to the end. Bri was Matt’s first one-on-one date of the season. Then as the season continued, the couple’s connection seemed to get stronger. Bri even revealed she was in love with Matt during Fantasy Suite week. 

When Bri spoke with Bachelor producers after her overnight date, she was beaming. The contestant revealed that Matt was ready for an engagement, and she felt more at ease. Matt also claimed that he could see a life with Bri after the show. But even so, the bachelor eliminated the 24-year-old communications manager at the next rose ceremony. 

“I’m sorry,” Matt told Bri. “There wasn’t something that came up this week, and that’s what makes it so hard. It would’ve been easy if I could point to one thing and say that’s why. It’s just a feeling that you have when you’re with somebody.”

Bri replied, “It is hard to think about not being able to see you again. But I think that’s just how this goes. You are going to be moving on to someone else. I think that’s what makes it harder.”

Reality Steve predicts whether Bri Springs and Matt James get back together after ‘The Bachelor’ finale

Matt James and Bri Springs on 'The Bachelor' Season 25 camping date
Matt James and Bri Springs on ‘The Bachelor’ Season 25 | Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

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When Bri left The Bachelor Season 25, many viewers were heartbroken for the contestant. On her limo ride home, Bri was in tears.

“It’s really disappointing and sad that it wasn’t me,” she said. “It’s hard because what I thought we had was special. But it couldn’t have been all for nothing.”

Of course, many Bachelor Nation viewers wanted to see Bri as the next bachelorette after her exit. Meanwhile, ABC will air the “After the Final Rose” special after The Bachelor finale on March 15. So hopefully, Bri and Matt will get more closure. That said, the promos haven’t highlighted any scenes of Bri at the reunion. 

It also seems unlikely Bri and Matt will get back together after The Bachelor. On March 4, franchise spoiler king Reality Steve hinted that he hasn’t received any indication that there will be a reconciliation. 

Bri Springs shares how she’s doing now on Instagram

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For now, Bachelor Nation fans must wait and see what happens to Bri and her relationship with the franchise. But on March 14, Bri opened up about her life now in a post on Instagram

“Life after the show has been full of wonderful surprises. But it has also been mentally draining and there have been times and situations where I’ve felt defeated.” Bri wrote on the social media platform. “I’ve read all of your messages and you have no idea how appreciative I am of your kindness and support. Your words have helped me along the way, so thank you.”

Bri also reminded her Instagram followers to “check in” with themselves. Then she concluded the post on a hopeful note.

“Remember to check in with yourself from time to time to see what you need,” Bri wrote. “I made a commitment to myself, to be honest, and stay true to who I am. And this means being present with the ones I love.”

ABC did not return a request for comment about the rumors surrounding Matt James and his contestants by the time of publication.