‘The Bachelor’: Colton Underwood Speculates Why Hannah Brown’s Post-Elimination Return Was Never Aired

When Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor originally aired on ABC, fans were obsessed with Hannah Brown’s unexpected return during hometowns. The clips first appeared in early promos. However, Brown’s post-elimination appearance never made it to the final cut of the show. Then recently, Underwood opened up about what really went down with the former bachelorette. But it doesn’t seem like viewers missed out on much.

Why fans thought Hannah Brown crashed Hannah Godwin’s hometown date during Colton Underwood’s season of ‘The Bachelor’

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Following the season 23 premiere in 2019, The Bachelor released an extended promo of Underwood’s journey. The teaser spliced together clips from the season, including a few moments which never aired. For one, Underwood was seen holding an engagement ring. But spoiler alert, he never proposed and quit the show to pursue Cassie Randolph.

The promo also revealed Brown was with Underwood outside of a hotel room at some point in the season. But even so, fans never saw the footage. Brown was eliminated after meeting Underwood’s parents a week before hometowns.  Meanwhile, Bachelor Nation spoiler king, Reality Steve, teased what happened in the clip.

“They are of Hannah B showing up in Bama after [Hannah Godwin’s] hometown date to talk to Colton,” Reality Steve wrote in February 2019. “This has been cut from tonight’s episode and is never shown. Not sure why but let the speculation begin.”

Colton Underwood’s book explains why Hannah Brown returned after her ‘Bachelor’ elimination

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Bachelor Nation fans didn’t receive confirmation about Brown and Underwood until the former NFL player released his book in April 2020. According to Cosmopolitan, The First Time: Finding Myself and Looking for Love on Reality TV claimed Brown was “still stewing” over her elimination and wanted to “lash out.”

“She was still stewing about not getting a rose and wanted more clarity from me,” Underwood wrote. “In reality, it seemed she wanted to lash out and vent. She went off on the remaining four girls and told me they didn’t have the qualities that made her so amazing. It was the beast in her, roaring and raging.”

Colton Underwood tells Reality Steve nothing crazy happened when Hannah Brown came back

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Of course, fans didn’t understand why the ABC reality series wouldn’t air Underwood and Brown’s altercation during hometowns. The Bachelor alum’s description would have been perfect for reality TV. But some speculated the decision was made to protect the future lead for The Bachelorette Season 15. Others didn’t believe Underwood’s claims. 

Nevertheless, Underwood recently offered up his own theory. During the Reality Steve podcast published on Aug. 13, the Bachelor Nation blogger asked Underwood why the moment with Brown wasn’t shown during his season. Then the 28-year-old admitted he shared some of the blame.

“Obviously, I don’t know. I’m not an editor or a producer,” Underwood said, adding Brown probably wanted to talk to him because of the way their relationship ended. He then revealed he was sick while filming.

“My night portion during the breakup, I was so sick filming it,” Underwood said. “I had to take three or four breaks during dinner. And before, I slept. I didn’t even do what we had on the schedule. They canceled it just to let me recover.”

Hannah Brown and Colton Underwood on 'The Bachelor' Season 23
Hannah Brown and Colton Underwood on ‘The Bachelor’ | Josh Vertucci via Getty Images

He continued, “So, I couldn’t really remember at the time. Maybe I just wasn’t clear with her. Maybe I just didn’t give her the closure, the answer she needed … I took the position of, ‘Look, I’m exhausted. I have four girls, or whatever I had at the time. I’m sorry. I don’t have the energy to put into this conversation right now. I’m mentally drained at this point.’”

Underwood also revealed neither party “came off the best” during the conversation. But ultimately, he doesn’t think the moment with Brown was dramatic enough to air on TV. 

“There wasn’t much that anybody was really gonna get out of this conversation,” Underwood said. “There was nothing pivotal or nothing crazy that came out of it.”

In all honesty, Underwood’s comments don’t exactly line up. Brown’s depiction in the book indicates she turned up the drama. Then during Reality Steve’s podcast, Underwood claimed the unexpected meetup wasn’t “pivotal” enough to make the final cut. But regardless of what happened, fans have another piece to the mysterious puzzle. Meanwhile, it seems both parties have since moved on. So cheers to that.

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