‘Bachelor’ Contestant Tammy Ly Apologizes for ‘Nasty’ Accusations but Fans Say Too Little Too Late

This season’s “villain” on The Bachelor was just sent home. Tammy Ly filled the role many have held before her. Known as the bully of the house, Tammy’s departure came after bachelor, Peter Weber, asked her and MyKenna Dorn on a two-on-one date that typically results in the elimination of one contestant. However, even after Tammy’s exit, MyKenna’s soon followed. Now, Tammy’s apologizing to her costars.

Contestant Tammy Ly became a problematic contestant for a few reasons

'The Bachelor'
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As the resident Syracuse, New York house flipper, Tammy Ly became a fan favorite at the beginning of the season. Then, things went downhill — fast.

In one episode, Tammy called out Kelsey Weier of drinking too much, being “emotionally unstable,” and “popping pills.” The drama interfered yet again with Peter’s chance at finding love.

Kelsey managed to salvage her relationship with the pilot and ended up with a rose far before the ceremony itself when she snuck into his room to explain her side. Of course, the other women weren’t too happy — including Tammy — but that’s the game, right?

By the next episode, Tammy’s anger turned to MyKenna, whom she said was only there for publicity. The infighting led Peter to invite the women on a tow-in-one where he initially eliminated Tammy to a pleased MyKenna. However, by the rose ceremony, he eliminated MyKenna, too.

Now that this season’s “villain” is gone, she has a new perspective about her time on the show.

Tammy released an apology for her behavior

With all the backlash, Tammy took it upon herself to tweet an apology about her behavior.

“Ok I’m going to address this once and for all- remember that this is a show. I do take responsibility for my actions and I never intended to hurt anyone. I am very sorry to those I did hurt but my heart was never coming from an intentional malicious place,” she began her string of tweets.

“I tend to gravitate toward humor in situations like this bc I’m not trying to mourn in the past mistakes I’ve made,” she explained. “We’re all human. All of us have done things we’re not proud of. So please hear me when I say- I never meant to hurt anyone and I’m sorry.” 

The contestant went on to ask that viewers not judge her based only on the way she was portrayed on TV.

“My 5 minute ‘nasty’ moment on TV doesn’t define who I am,” she continued. “Just like how your mistakes don’t define who you are either. Remember that all of us who participated in this show are human too and some of you say nastier things to us than we do to each other.” 

To end on a lighter note, she joked, “Can we PLEASE get back to making playful fun of my ugly faces now?”

One final thought mentioned that she loves Canada and “don’t know where Iowa is,” but added, “We cool we cool.”

It’s unclear how some of the other women feel about Tammy’s change of attitude (like Kelsey), but MyKenna weighed in, which Tammy retweeted.

“We all signed up for love not hate mail and death threats. It’s easy to block out the negative comments and rise above but sometimes it really hurts. We are all human. We are not perfect.. we make mistakes,” she said.

Fans say the apology isn’t enough

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Though Tammy’s apology appears genuine, some Bachelor Nation fans aren’t having it.

“Sure did seem that way to me! I’ve never spoken to someone like that,” one viewer tweeted in response to Tammy.

“Like let’s be f*cking specific if we’re gonna apologize. Just saying ‘sorry now move on’ isn’t it. You literally haven’t even mentioned the making fun of drug addiction, alcoholism, belittling people for crying, making a joke out of mental health, etc. Like??” another posted.

“Humor???? You were angry and insulting the ENTIRE time. Love when someone reinvents themself to save face. Nice try,” this person said.

“But you did say those things maliciously. Own up and genuinely apologize for being a d*ck instead of saying “just cuz I said something shitty doesn’t mean no one else has & you’re all just as guilty” that’s not an apology girl lol,” another fan weighed in.

It looks like other contestants may be cool with Tammy now, but that doesn’t mean Bachelor Nation is. Luckily, there’s always Bachelor in Paradise to get that second chance.