‘Bachelor’ Fans Are Calling Mykenna’s Elimination ‘Karma’ After She Laughed at Tammy Being Sent Home

Standing up to bullies usually works out in people’s favor — just not in Mykenna‘s.

On the latest episode of The Bachelor, the fashion blogger thought she was in the clear following that explosive two-on-one date when Peter Weber tells her that he “trusts” her and sends Tammy home early.

Peter Weber and Mykenna
The Bachelor‘s Mykenna and Peter Weber| John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

Though she was confident Weber saw a future with her, Mykenna soon found herself eliminated as well, which some think was the perfect example of karma at work.

Mykenna’s luck went downhill following the two-on-one date

Two-on-one dates usually end well for one of the show’s contestants, but this time around, it didn’t work out in anyone’s favor.

After a screaming match during the telenovela group date — in which Tammy accused Mykenna of being “immature” and only appearing on the show to increase her social media following — Weber asked the two ladies to meet him ahead of the Rose Ceremony to talk things out.

While getting to the bottom of Tammy and Mykenna’s beef, Weber learns that the fashion blogger was ready to leave before the group date since she felt as though their relationship wasn’t progressing.

After both women talked privately to Weber about their issues with one another, the Delta pilot tells Mykenna he “trusts” her and sends Tammy home.

Convinced that he sees a future with her, Mykenna is spotted laughing as Weber walks the house flipper out to an awaiting cab.

Seeing as though she was confident the pilot was keeping her around, the fashion blogger was blindsided by his decision not to give her a rose later that evening.

After being eliminated along with supposed frontrunner Syndey, Mykenna makes her way up to Weber and is told she will “make someone very happy someday” before heading out the door.

Fans couldn’t help but laugh at this outcome

After realizing Mykenna didn’t receive a rose, many people took to Twitter to share their reactions to this surprising outcome.

While a few were shocked by Weber’s “cold” actions of keeping Mykenna around only to eliminate her later that same night, others didn’t feel bad for her and thought this was just karma following that intense two-on-one date.

“Mykenna being sent home after laughing at Tammy,” one person tweeted along with a photo of Kylie Jenner with clown makeup on.

“the funniest part abouut last nights episode was the 2 on 1 with tammy & mykenna & peter said “I trust you” to mykenna and then turned to tammy and said “can i walk you out” and mykenna started LAUGHING and then HER BITCH A** GOT SENT HOME THAT SAME NIGHT HAHAHAHA,” someone else expressed.

Some people even poked fun at the idea that Mykenna and Tammy were sitting next to each other at the airport as they waited for their flights home.

“Me watching mykenna and Tammy go home literally 30 minutes apart and realizing they’ll be chillin at the airport together,” one person wrote.

While Mykenna did have a good run, she’s just wasn’t right for Weber in the end — much to her dismay.

Though we will miss her amazing facial expressions and dramatic crying fits, we can say that she definitely made her mark on this season of The Bachelor.