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The Bachelor franchise has had its fair share of “villains” over the years, but according to fans, no other contestant has been as “manipulative” and “toxic” as this season’s frontrunner, Victoria Fuller.

The Virginia Beach native’s relationship with Peter Weber has been all over the place these last few weeks. While many thought the Delta pilot would have given her the boot by now, he continues to keep her around since he believes “there’s something there.”

'The Bachelor's Peter Weber and Victoria Fuller
The Bachelor‘s Peter Weber and Victoria F.| Francisco Roman via Getty Images

Though Weber wants to see this romance through to the end, it appears to fans that this alleged connection isn’t going anywhere, and are fed up with him for keeping this toxic relationship going.

Weber just had a drama-filled hometown date with Fuller

Just when we thought we were done learning about Fuller’s interesting past, another bombshell has come up, and many are at a point now where they just want to see her get eliminated.

The shocking revelation came about during the latest episode of The Bachelor when Weber’s ex-girlfriend, Merissa Pence, showed up to Fuller’s hometown date.

It was there she warned him to “be careful” with the Virginia Beach native, saying that Fuller has broken up many relationships in the past.

“I just know what a good guy you are, and I would hate for any of who you are to be affected by somebody else,” Pence said. “I don’t think you deserve what you’re on a date with right now.”

Of course, Weber was taken back by this claim and immediately brought the comments to Fuller’s attention when he met up with her later that night.

Once the pilot brought Pence’s comment up to Fuller, she immediately got defensive and was disgusted that Weber would even think she caused those supposed breakups.

“Do you think that I enjoy this right now?” he says, asking if she thinks there was any way he wouldn’t bring this up. While he urges Fuller to tell the truth, she says it doesn’t matter anymore and walks away.

After trying to get Fuller to open up to him but failing, Weber ends their date early and leaves without even meeting her family.

Fans think Fuller is gaslighting Weber

During Weber and Fuller’s explosive fight, fans were in high gear on Twitter, calling her out for being manipulative and slamming him for allowing this toxic relationship to continue.

“It is actually extremely sad and disgusting to see the way Victoria F treats Peter. Already signs of a emotionally toxic relationship in the way she puts him down and deflects everything onto him. But do I feel bad for Peter? No b/c he sent home women better than her,” one fan tweeted.

Others continue to accuse Fuller of gaslighting Weber every time they have moments alone and are tired of seeing her talk/cry her way out of situations.

“Victoria F is so toxic it’s not even funny at this point. Every time peters tried to solve a conflict she turns it around on him and the problem never gets resolved. Yikes,” another fan wrote.

“Alright Victoria F is the worst person to ever be on the bachelor… in history… so manipulative and conniving. I’m so over her and her toxic actions,” someone expressed.

Some are even comparing Fuller’s manipulative ways to those of Bachelorette alum Luke P., who had a hard time admitting his faults during Hannah Brown’s season.

“Victoria F is like Luke P from last year. There is always that one crazy one that makes it to the end. Smh,” another person shared.

From these tweets alone, it is clear that fans wanted Fuller to get eliminated a long time ago.

While it’s pretty obvious that Weber still sees their relationship going somewhere, fans hope that he’ll soon see Fuller for who she is and stops rewarding her toxic behavior before its too late.