‘Bachelor’ Fans React to the Dumpster Fire That Is Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules Dating — Is It a ‘Match Made in Prison?’

Today the news broke that Victoria Fuller from Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor is quarantining with former Bachelor Chris Soules from season 19. The fan reactions to this shocking duo are more intriguing than the news itself.

Chris Soules
Chris Soules | Fred Lee/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Are Victoria Fuller and ‘The Bachelor’ Chris Soules dating?

On April 15, 2020, Reality Steve tweeted the news that this uncanny couple is quarantining together in Iowa at Soules farm.

“One of the more random Bachelor’ couples’ that I can’t say I ever would’ve guessed,” tweeted Reality Steve. “I don’t know how long this has been going on or how serious it is, but I can confirm that Victoria Fuller is currently together in Iowa for the week with Chris Soules.”

The fan reactions that ensued on Steve’s post were extensive throughout the day. Other news organizations began to report on the news — some with further evidence.

“Chris slid into Victoria’s DMs,” Us Magazine reported later in the day from an unnamed source. “He apparently DMs a lot of people.”

Fans also noted that on April 2, 2020, Fuller and Soules began following each other on Instagram. No photos or videos have leaked yet, but it is only a matter of time.

Soules and Fuller are perfect for each other due to their criminal records

Both Soules and Fuller were arrested in the past five years, and fans are quick to point it out. 

“Match made in…prison?” tweeted one fan. 

That first reply to Reality Steve’s tweet ended up with almost 2,000 likes on Twitter. With a little digging, fans quickly found that the fan was partially correct. Fuller was arrested in 2017 for a DIU in her hometown of Virginia Beach, Virginia. She was sentenced to one year in jail but ended up doing two years of probation instead, according to Cosmopolitan

Soules’ criminal record is more involved. In April 2017, Soules ran his pickup truck into a John Deere tractor. The driver was thrown from the tractor into a ditch and later died. Soules stayed at the scene until the EMTs arrived, but left before officers arrived. 

Soules also was sentenced to two years of probation. So, it looks like it was a match made on probation.

Bachelor Nation weighs in on the ‘train wreck waiting to happen’ between Soules and Fuller

The fan base is upset on so many levels. The first comments after the prison jokes include fans who want to know why Victoria F. is traveling while the country is on lockdown due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). However, other fans are more intrigued by how the two could ever last.

“And I’m sure they are both going into it with the best intentions for a long-lasting relationship,” tweeted one fan. “I can’t see Victoria lasting even a week in small-town Iowa, no matter how much money Soules has.”

If you remember, Victoria was a special kind of contestant on Weber’s season. She often ran away crying, while Weber chased her.  

“This sounds like an absolute train wreck waiting to happen,” added another fan. “Which means I will definitely follow their relationship.” 

Many fans do not think the two will last together but want to hear about it anyway. It merely adds to The Bachelor drama. 

“So many questions and the main one would be how could she survive on a farm?” tweeted one more fan.