‘The Bachelor’: Hannah Brown’s Instagram Post After the Peter Weber Reunion Is the Closure We Need

[Spoiler alert: The Bachelor Season 24.] Peter Weber‘s season of The Bachelor instantly became the “most dramatic season ever” once Hannah Brown showed up in the first two episodes. The former bachelorette’s appearance left fans — and Weber — confused, as the very real possibility of getting back together was suddenly on the table. In the end, the former flames went their separate ways. However, fans weren’t convinced, many predicting Weber and Brown will rekindle their love in the future. Then merely a week after her reunion with Weber, Brown posted on Instagram and reclaimed her Bachelor Monday nights in a way that only Hannah Beast could pull off.

What happened to Peter Weber and Hannah Brown on ‘The Bachelor’?

In The Bachelor premiere, Brown stepped out on of a limo on night one. She returned the pilot wings pin Weber gave her on The Bachelorette. The moment was special and appeared to give both parties a bit of closure before Weber began his next journey.

Later in the episode, Brown returned to host a group date for the women. But everything fell apart when Brown was found crying backstage. Then when Weber comforted his ex, emotions started bursting out at the seams.

The Bachelorette alums discussed their relationship and the possibility of dating again. Weber asked Brown whether she would join The Bachelor cast. Meanwhile, Brown wanted to “catch a flight” and run away together.

The two former lovers also shared an intimate moment. Brown climbed into Weber’s lap, and it seemed like they would kiss. But eventually, Weber pulled away and chose to return to the women at the group date. They get up and hug for a long time before saying their final goodbyes.

Then in a confessional, Weber told producers he wanted to kiss Brown and noted that it was OK to feel that way because it “wasn’t that long ago that we broke up.” Weber also revealed he was still figuring things out with his heart.

“I probably didn’t handle this the right way,” Weber said. “I’m trying to figure out what the hell my heart wants. And I’m really scared I’m not ready to be here now for this. I don’t know if I need to feel that love with someone else to fully move on.”

Hannah Brown reclaims her Monday nights on Instagram

Following the first two episodes, Bachelor Nation fans were filled with a mixture of emotions. But no one could possibly imagine how Brown felt, having lived the experience with Weber.

On Jan. 6, Brown reflected on her Bachelor appearance on Twitter. “So that was not a blast at all,” Brown wrote after the episode aired. “It was truly the hardest day — a day I was not looking forward to reliving. But thank you to those of you who have been so sweet and supportive tonight.”

Then on Jan. 13, Brown said goodbye to all the haters. “It seems I’m a very controversial subject,” she wrote. “Honestly, nothing new here.”

Brown remained quiet until the Jan. 20 episode. And it seems like she finally had a good Bachelor Monday.

“enjoying this Monday night without mascara stained cheeks,” Brown captioned stunning photos on Instagram.

Meanwhile, one fan commented on Brown’s Instagram, critiquing the former bachelorette for tying herself to the ABC reality franchise. “You can do so much better,” the fan wrote.

Brown then responded with grace. She noted that for “about 30ish Monday nights in the past year I have exposed a little more of myself with everyone watching, I am a bit tied to ABC Monday nights.”

The 25-year-old also hinted her journey isn’t over yet.

“I am very excited for my future and what I’ll do next, but this will always be apart of my life,” Brown wrote. “I’m thankful for all the good that has come with it all, and the bad that’s taught me a lot of lessons and growth. Trust me, I know and believe I have so much more in store for my future that will go much further than Bachelor Monday nights.”

Hannah Brown discusses Peter Weber’s season on Instagram Live

Hannah Brown attends Holiday Eats With Hannah Brown And Alan Bersten at Beverly Center on December 7, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.
Hannah Brown | Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Beverly Center

Brown’s remarks on Instagram make it seem like she is moving on from Weber and The Bachelor franchise. That said, many fans are still holding out hope to see Brown and Weber back together at the end of the 24th season. However, it doesn’t seem likely.

Following the Jan. 20 episode of The Bachelor, Brown also hosted an Instagram Live where she answered a few fan questions. When asked whether is she dating anyone — as in, Weber — Brown stated, “Nope.” But she’s still open to love and dating.

“I definitely do want a person,” Brown said. “But I have to be content with where I’m at right now. And not just sulky — I don’t want to be like that. But sometimes I am.”

Meanwhile, Brown said she isn’t interested in appearing on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7. She also has a few thoughts on Weber’s season of The Bachelor. And despite her past with Weber, Brown is rooting for Madison Prewett.

“I like watching Madi and Peter together,” Brown said. “Pretending like I’m not in the situation at all, I like watching their interactions as a viewer.”

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