‘The Bachelor’: Is Kelsey Weier the New Bachelorette Frontrunner for 2020? What Reality Steve Revealed About the ‘Women Tell All’ Special

Kelsey Weier may have kicked off The Bachelor Season 24 with “Champagne Gate,” but now, the tides have shifted as spoiler king Reality Steve revealed the 28-year-old could be the new bachelorette frontrunner for 2020. The blogger recently unveiled what happens in Peter Weber’s “Women Tell All” special. And apparently, Kelsey made quite the impression while she was in the hot seat.

Who is Kelsey Weier from Peter Weber’s season of ‘The Bachelor’?

Kelsey Weier from Peter Weber's 'The Bachelor' Season 24
Kelsey Weier on ‘The Bachelor’ | Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

Kelsey was one of many former pageant queens in Weber’s season of The Bachelor. She was crowned Miss Iowa USA 2017 and has been working as a professional clothier, according to her Bachelor bio on ABC. Then ahead of The Bachelor premiere, host Chris Harrison promised Kelsey would coin the phrase, “crying is cool.” And she certainly delivered. 

In the first few weeks of filming, Kelsey got involved with “Champagne Gate.” This lead to an argument with Hannah Ann Sluss. Kelsey brought a special bottle of champagne to share with Weber. However, there were “conveniently” two bottles brought out that night. Then, of course, Hannah Ann took Kelsey’s. 

Heartbroken, Kelsey broke down and blamed Hannah Ann for stealing her champagne. Later, Kelsey and Weber sat down to share a different bottle. But it blew up in her face in one of the season’s most meme-able moments. Regardless, the fight between Kelsey and Hannah Ann blew over and everyone moved on.

A few episodes down the line, Kelsey started to get emotional about Weber spending time with other women. It was clear she began falling for him. Then in the midst of this, Tammy Ly accused Kelsey of being “emotionally unstable” and abusing alcohol and pills. The accusations were quickly shut down, and eventually, Kelsey made it to the top four.

At hometowns, Weber met Kelsey’s family in Iowa. But despite a successful dinner portion — including Weber’s formal introduction to Crab Rangoon — and promising Kelsey’s mom he wouldn’t break her daughter’s heart, the bachelor did not give Kelsey a rose that week. 

Before leaving, Kelsey sat down with Weber. She admitted she was in shock and Pilot Pete apologized. “I just honestly didn’t expect to fall for him as hard as I did,” Kelsey said in a confessional in her getaway limo. “But I fell and he didn’t. It hurts really bad.”

Reality Steve reveals how Kelsey Weier may be the new bachelorette frontrunner after ‘The Bachelor: Women Tell All’

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After Weber’s “Women Tell All” taping on Feb. 21, Reality Steve unveiled what happens in the March 2 episode. Then midway through, the blogger shared Kelsey was called upon for the “hot seat.” However, rather than a confrontation, Reality Steve hinted Kelsey delivered a Bachelorette audition

“Kelsey on the hot seat talked about her journey, her being very emotional, seemed like a ‘Bachelorette’ audition,” he wrote on Twitter. “Ashley [Iaconetti] came out of the audience and gave Kelsey a giant bottle [of] champagne and praised her for being open w/ her emotions.”

Meanwhile, when speaking with Life and Style Magazine on Feb. 21, Iaconetti endorsed Kelsey as her pick for the next bachelorette. She believes the former Miss Iowa USA is “100 percent ready.”

“That girl is trying to find her husband,” Iaconetti said. “I don’t even think she cares about all the hoopla that comes with the show.”

The Bachelor in Paradise alum also added that Kelsey as the 2020 bachelorette could bring audiences what they truly want. “People are really craving an older cast and perhaps lead,” Iaconetti said.

For now, Bachelor Nation fans will just have to wait and see what producers decide when the time comes. Thus far, fans aren’t sure whether they would enjoy seeing Kelsey in the leading role. But if Reality Steve’s speculations are correct and the hot seat segment primes her as the new bachelorette fronrunner, Kelsey could have some claim to the title once the tides start shifting once again.

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