Did ‘The Bachelor’ Mansion Burn Down?

With wildfires ravaging parts of Los Angeles, many of the city’s most iconic buildings and backdrops have gone up in flames. Last Friday and over the weekend, the Woolsey Fire made its way through Agoura Hills, an area east of Malibu, where many celebrity homes were (and still are) under threat. The mansion — known as Villa De La Vina — used on ABC’s The Bachelor is one of the endangered homes. Located in Kanan Canyon in Agoura Hills, early reports of The Bachelor mansion claimed it was in “grave danger.” But, with the fire now all the way through the canyon and into Malibu, many want to know: Did The Bachelor mansion burn down?

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Did the ‘The Bachelor’ mansion burn down in the Woolsey Fire?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show’s iconic backdrop for the last 11 years was in the thick of the wildfire’s path on Friday afternoon. And, sources told the publication that a second house on the property — one often used for production headquarters — was completely destroyed. But, what about the mansion itself? On Saturday, as conditions worsened, the show’s creator, Mike Fleiss took to Twitter to express his concerns. “I still don’t know exactly what condition #TheBachelor Mansion is in. But I do know that the beautiful community of Malibu — and the surrounding areas — are struggling. Good thoughts for all…” he said to his followers.

As concerns grew, the franchise producers made an official statment. “The Bachelor Mansion is a private home in one of the current burn areas of Los Angeles. The area has been closed to traffic so we do not know the current status of the home,” the show producers shared with The Hollywood Reporter. “It is primarily a private residence, and our main concern is with the family who has been displaced, their neighbors, and all the communities impacted by this tragic fire. We thank the tireless efforts of the first responders here in Los Angeles County and across the State,” they added.

According to reports by Entertainment Tonight, the mansion is still standing. However, the surrounding property has significant damage. The fire wreaked havoc on the estate’s second property as well as the patio and other outdoor structures.

Other iconic structures and celebrity homes weren’t as lucky

Despite some damage, The Bachelor mansion got lucky. Some buildings and homes in the surrounding area, including some celebrity homes in Malibu, burned down. One of the most notable losses was the Western Town at Paramount Ranch. The set was home to iconic movies and television shows such as The Love Bug, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, and was used for several backdrops in HBO’s Westworld.

Celebrities also lost homes in the Woolsey Fire. According to reports on their Instagram accounts, Miley Cyrus, Camille Grammer, Robin Thicke, and Gerard Butler lost their Malibu mansions. Bianca Blanco also lost her home and countless other celebrities are still waiting to find out.

Over the weekend, reports claimed that Caitlyn Jenner also lost her home, but the reality star put rumors to rest with a video shared on her Instagram account.

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