‘The Bachelor’: Does MJ or Jessenia Go Home Tonight? The Week 6 Trailer Teases What Happens After Matt James’ Two-on-One Date

The Bachelor Season 25 Episode 6 will finally get to the bottom of MJ Snyder and Jessenia Cruz’s feud with a two-on-one date alongside Matt James. So, who will be eliminated from the ABC reality series? The latest Bachelor promo trailer seemed to spoil whether MJ or Jessenia will go home tonight.

What did MJ Snyder and Jessenia Cruz say on ‘The Bachelor’ Season 25 with Matt James?

Jessenia Cruz and MJ Snyder from 'The Bachelor' Season 25 with Matt James in 2021
Jessenia Cruz and MJ Snyder from ‘The Bachelor’ Season 25 | Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

In the last episode of The Bachelor Season 25, Matt eliminated “Queen” Victoria Larson and Anna Redman because he wanted to ensure a “safe space” for the women in the house. But, even after he sent the two contestants home, Matt had one more person to address. 

During a group date, Matt confronted MJ after another cast member described her as an “antagonist” because she made others “feel like outsiders.” Later, Jessenia confirmed she was the one who told Matt about MJ. Jessenia also noted that MJ referred to the five new cast members as “junior varsity” and the original cast members as the “varsity squad.” Thus, creating a divide in the house.

“Matt approached me and asked what the culture was like in the house,” Jessenia told MJ. “I told him, you know, there have been terms used. Like ‘varsity,’ ‘JV,’ and I did mention your name.”

Meanwhile, MJ claimed her comment was “just a joke.” She also became upset because she felt like her character was being put into question. Then MJ accused Jessenia of “attacking” her.

At the end of The Bachelor episode, Matt sent Jessenia and MJ a two-on-one date card. Then the two contestants sat down alone together. MJ was furious. She said:

This is embarrassing. I’m embarrassed to be here. But, I’m here because you said my name. You know what I stand for. I preach harmony, peace. You put my character in question with Matt. You put my relationship in jeopardy, because of an accusation that you made about my character. I have never been more hurt in my life. I am furious right now. You should be embarrassed because of your actions right now. 

Then Jessenia stood her ground. She noted that MJ started the term “JV versus varsity.” She also pointed out that MJ didn’t come clean when speaking with Matt. During their last conversation, MJ claimed that there wasn’t any toxicity in the house. 

“In case you forgot, you also lied to him. You acted like you had no idea that there was any kind of toxicity in the house,” Jessenia said. “You can’t preach harmony because you were the leader of the divide in the house.”

Will MJ Snyder or Jessenia Cruz go home in ‘The Bachelor’ Season 25 Episode 6?


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Now, Bachelor Nation fans must wait and see what Matt decides on Feb. 8. But, the promo trailer for The Bachelor Season 25 Episode 6 may have already revealed whether MJ or Jessenia will go home. 

Four seconds in the teaser, Jessenia is spotted next to Kit Keenan, Abigail Heringer, and Serena Chew. The contestants are all wearing casual clothes, possibly indicating the scene happens after the two-on-one date. Meanwhile, the season preview for Matt’s Bachelor journey indicated that Jessenia will eventually receive a sports car one-on-one date with Matt. So, it seems likely MJ will be eliminated before Jessenia. But, viewers will have to see how the storyline unfolds.

That said, Matt recently opened up about the two-on-one date between Jessenia and MJ during an interview with Us Weekly. Of course, the current bachelor was unable to confirm who he sent home. But ultimately, Matt hinted that he valued honesty above everything else.

“Honesty is the best policy,” Matt said.

Update: At the start of The Bachelor Season 25 Episode 6, Matt sent MJ home. Then he gave the two-on-one date rose to Jessenia.

The Bachelor Season 25 with Matt James airs Monday nights on ABC.