Bachelor Nation Is Begging for Alayah Benavidez to Be Announced as the Next Bachelorette on Peter Weber’s ‘Women Tell All’ Episode

With only a few more episodes left of Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, the debate over who will be the next bachelorette is on. While many fans would love to see Hannah Brown return for a second season, others feel Alayah Benavidez would make for the best television.

Bachelor Nation’s most significant reason for choosing her is to get back at the women who bullied her. They want to see it play out on Weber’s episode of ‘Women Tell All.’

Alayah and Peter Weber
Alayah Benavidez and Peter Weber | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

What happened with Alayah Benavidez and the ‘mean girls’ early on Weber’s season?

Although fans did not see much of Alayah during the first two weeks, the 24-year-old orthodontist assistant stole the show during week three. She won Demi’s extreme pillow fight-club tournament and opened up to Weber during her time with him that evening.

However, Sydney told Weber that Alayah is fake, and for some odd reason, the pilot believed her. He spent the entire next day trying to figure out which girls are telling the truth — during what is the most boring pool party ever.

Weber finds out that Victoria P. and Alayah knew each other during their time in the Miss USA 2019 pageant. The 27-year-old nurse throws Alayah under the bus, claiming her intentions are not genuine. Weber ends up sending Alayah home because of the comments from many of the women.

The pilot immediately regrets his decision, and the producers bring her back on the next episode in Cleveland, OH. Weber gives her a date rose — although she wasn’t on the date earlier that day — and the other women are fuming. To keep the peace, Weber decides he must send Alayah home yet again. 

Fans want the producers to announce Alayah as the next bachelorette during ‘Women Tell All’

The latest fan discussion over who might be the next bachelorette included past contestants such as Kelley Flanagan, Kendall Long, and of course, Brown. Out of these four, the votes were in favor of Alayah.

“Alayah,” voted one Reddit user, “just to piss off all the mean girls on Peter’s season who bullied her.”

After placing their votes, many fans commented that they would love to see the other contestants’ reactions to the producers choosing Alayah.

“If they did Alayah, they would have to announce it on WTA just so we can see them pan to all the mean girls’ faces,” added another fan. “I would die screaming.”

Weber’s episode of ‘The Women Tell All’ will air on March 2, 2020. All of the contestants except the top two frontrunners will appear on the show, so it might be the drama the producers are looking for to share the news at that time.

Why does Bachelor Nation believe Alayah would be a great bachelorette? 

“Alayah would be my #1 pick,” wrote one Redditor. “She was gorgeous and poised and seems like she would be a good level of mess, and the girls that threw her under the bus f*cking suck.”

Fans feel that her personality came through in the short time she was on The Bachelor.

“She’s done real work—-not just pageant fluff projects—in the youth literacy space, overcame a learning disability, runs her own business and seems like a genuinely nice person,” added another fan. “Her confidence would make her a good lead.”

Many other fans feel that Alayah could handle herself well as the next bachelorette. It looks like all we can do now is wait to see who the producers choose.  

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