Bachelor Nation Is ‘Dying At Peter [Weber] Staring At A Painting With Windmills’ While Talking About Hannah Brown

We’re now well into Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor and the pilot is still talking about Hannah Brown. During the most recent episode, Weber took his remaining contestants to Peru.

Upon arriving, the pilot spoke to the camera about his fears going into the week.

Peter Weber | Francisco Roman via Getty Images
Peter Weber | Francisco Roman via Getty Images

“Last week definitely instilled some fear in me for the first time this journey. Just because I’m falling doesn’t mean they’re on the same page and that’s scary for me. About a year ago, I obviously fell for Hannah [Brown] and I thought that it was there between the two of us, but I just didn’t see it coming,” said Weber.

He continued: “And that absolutely terrifies me that these other girls that I’m really starting to fall for, that they can blindside me as well. I need to for sure know that all of these women see just as much potential with me as I see with them or else, you know, I don’t want to go meet their families.”

As he touched on how he was falling in love with Brown last year, The Bachelor displayed a shot of Weber taking in some art on the streets of Peru. There was one piece he seemed to be zeroing in on: a painting that happened to feature some windmills depicting a scene from Don Quixote.

Bachelor Nation’s response to Peter Weber’s windmill shot

Of course, Bachelor Nation took notice.

“Dying at Peter staring at a painting with Windmills,” tweeted one fan.

“I love how peter stops and stares at a painting of a windmill,” wrote another.

“Peter is staring intently at a windmill painting on the streets of Peru. I cannot,” tweeted another.

“Can we talk about Peter staring at the picture of the windmills, I laughed wayyyy too f*cking loud,” wrote another.

Is Peter Weber missing Hannah Brown?

Some fans think the shot shows that Weber is missing Brown.

“Peter literally staring at a random windmill painting just thinking about what could’ve been,” tweeted one fan.

“Peter, staring into a painting of windmills!?! He clearly misses someone,” wrote another along with a GIF of Hannah Brown.

Fans have been speculating since the beginning of the season whether Brown will return for the finale or not. Brown’s mentioned several times she’s currently not dating anyone. But some fans still haven’t given up hope.

Some of Bachelor Nation is thinking when Weber’s mom begs her son to “bring her home,” she’s talking about Brown. But, more recently, fans are thinking Mrs. Weber could be talking about Madison Prewett. One theory is that Madison leaves after learning Weber’s slept with other contestants and then Mrs. Weber tells her son to go after her. But we’ll just have to wait and see.

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