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Peter Weber got engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss on his season of The Bachelor. But the couple split up before the finale. Bachelor Nation was led to believe that Weber and Sluss parted ways because the pilot had unresolved feelings for Madison Prewett, but it seems there was a little more going on there.

Peter Weber and Hannah Ann Sluss | John Fleenor via Getty Images
Peter Weber and Hannah Ann Sluss | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Why Peter Weber thinks he and Hannah Ann Sluss weren’t a good match

In a recent interview with The Viall Files, Weber went into why he feels he and Sluss weren’t a good match.

“Honestly, I feel like maybe the two of us just didn’t challenge each other enough. I think I started to truly see that when you are now just in pure isolation with each other. You don’t have any of the show there and you’re not able to just be a normal couple, which, it sucked,” said Weber.

He continued: “I wanted to give us a chance, just get to the real world and see what that was like but I think that mixed with my unresolved feelings for Madison and then the fact that it’s such a tricky situation because I want to be able to vent to her and I want to be able to lean on her about that but I can’t because that’s just so like inappropriate and that’s not what she wants to hear, obviously. And it was just a really difficult situation for me. And I really struggled with it and, yeah, it was just tough.”

Weber says, looking back, he realizes he shouldn’t have proposed to Sluss.

“I think the thing for me to have done was leave not engaged, not end the relationship, but not have that kind of pressure on us. But, hey, you live and you learn. Believe me, I feel horrible taking away that first engagement from her, from myself,” he said.

At the time, Weber wondered if he was giving up too early on him and Sluss. Now, though, he knows he made the right decision to end things when he did.

“I remember struggling with it a lot and, yeah, there were thoughts like, ‘Am I giving up too early? Should I continue this?’ Was it gonna suck no matter what? Absolutely. But it wasn’t fair to her to keep dragging her through this if I knew that I wasn’t 100% there. It wasn’t fair to myself. And that just kind of led me to kind of do it a little bit early,” he said.

Hannah Ann Sluss hasn’t spoken to Peter Weber since they broke up (other than on TV)

Weber says he tried to reach out to Sluss after they’d broken up, to see if she was alright, but he never heard from her.

“I texted her and I called her later that day after she had left, trying to like reach out and just… I knew she probably didn’t want to hear from me but I just wanted to kind of see how she was doing. I haven’t heard from her since. The only time I talked to her was at AFR,” he said.

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