‘The Bachelor’: Why Did Sarah Trott Leave Matt James’ Season? The Cast Member Tells All

On Jan. 25, Matt James will deal with the aftermath of Sarah Trott’s surprising exit on The Bachelor Season 25. But, why did the contestant self-eliminate from the ABC reality series? Recently, Sarah explained why she chose to leave The Bachelor early.

What happened to Sarah Trott on ‘The Bachelor’ Season 25 with Matt James?

Sarah Trott and Matt James on 'The Bachelor' Season 25 Episode 2 One on One date in 2021
Sarah Trott and Matt James on ‘The Bachelor’ Season 25 | Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

Sarah received an early one-on-one date with James on The Bachelor Season 25. The couple hit it off right away. But, Sarah started to struggle after seeing the bachelor’s connection with the other women.

During the group date on The Bachelor Season 25 Episode 3, the contestants were instructed to write and share a steamy love story about James. Then, after hearing everyone’s stories, Sarah admitted she felt hurt. 

“Watching what happened today was like pouring salt on wounds,” she said. “Imagine having your dream date and then the next day, just seeing that shoved down your face. It felt dirty watching that.”

Later, Sarah interrupted the evening portion of the group date to steal a moment alone with James. The other women expressed their frustration to Sarah. Then the following day, the contestant hid from the rest of the cast.

When Sarah finally came out, she apologized. However, some contestants wouldn’t accept the apology.

“I hope that your connection with Matt is very strong right now, because the rest of your living situation here is going to be horrible,” Kit Keenan said. 

Meanwhile, Sarah told Katie Thurston she planned to leave The Bachelor. Sarah opened up about her father, who has ALS. She also pointed out that she wasn’t in the best headspace. Then Sarah said her final goodbye to James.

“That’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” Sarah said to producers. “I know he’s such an amazing man. I do have feelings for him. But, I can’t do this. … This isn’t the best Sarah, and Matt deserves the best.”

Sarah Trott reveals why she left Matt James and ‘The Bachelor’

After The Bachelor Season 25 Episode 3, Sarah spoke with Entertainment Tonight about her experience and why she left the show. And ultimately, it seems Sarah’s decision to self-eliminate came down to her family and mental health.

“My family has to come first. And my mental health, for sure,” Sarah said.

Meanwhile, The Bachelor alum pointed out that she was “excited” to meet and date James. However, she wasn’t prepared for “how hard it was going to be.” Sarah also revealed she was told she would be able to contact her family. But, that wasn’t the case once filming started.

“I thought I would be able to communicate with my parents and have access to a phone and to talk to them. Some of those things turned out differently once I got there,” Sarah said. “I was hopeful that I would be able to stay in connection with them. But, that really wasn’t a possibility when I got there, which was pretty difficult.”

She later added, “A couple of people told me I would be able to talk to family.”

What is Sarah Trott doing now?

Now, Sarah has returned home and doesn’t regret leaving The Bachelor bubble early.

“I’m at home, pretty much split my time between LA and San Diego,” Sarah told Entertainment Tonight. “This past weekend was really bumpy and really rough. For anyone who has been a caregiver, you just know it’s kind of like a rollercoaster.”

She continued, “Things have really progressed, even in the time where I was gone. It just further solidifies my reasoning to come home was the right choice. At the end of the day, you don’t get that time back. I’m just grateful I’m able to spend these minutes with [my dad]. Everything counts.”

Meanwhile, Sarah revealed she has briefly spoken to James since The Bachelor Season 25 started airing on ABC. But, the 24-year-old confirmed there are no lingering feelings.

“He wanted to know what was the best way to direct people to ALS resources, and I was able to share some helpful information with him,” Sarah said. “But, other than that, he’s probably engaged by now. So, I’m really just respecting that relationship and moving forward.”

The Bachelor Season 25 airs Monday nights on ABC.