‘The Bachelor’: Who Is Eunice Cho? This Flight Attendant Is Ready to Fight for Peter Weber

Get ready for some turbulence, Bachelor Nation fans. Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor is just around the corner. Naturally, everyone is dying to learn more about each contestant before the Jan. 6 premiere. And as anticipated, Weber’s season is packed tight with flight attendants who truly understand the bachelor’s lifestyle beyond the show, including Eunice Cho, the 23-year-old from Chicago.

Who is Eunice Cho from Peter Weber’s season of ‘The Bachelor’?


When speaking with Extra, Cho revealed that she — like Weber — has a past. And just like the new bachelor, Cho isn’t ashamed of who she is.

“Everyone has their past. I have a big past, too,” she said. “I’m not the most perfect person, either.”

This is also teased in Cho’s Bachelor profile on ABC’s website. “Eunice is a reformed party girl who is ready to get serious about settling down,” the bio reads. “She’s left her sorority party days behind her and now spends her days flying the friendly skies as a flight attendant. Eunice is on the lookout for a quality man with a good heart.”

Eunice Cho from The Bachelor Season 24
Eunice Cho from ‘The Bachelor’ | ABC/Maarten de Boer

Meanwhile, Cho is “ready to fight for Peter,” according to Extra. And from the looks of the flight attendant’s Bachelor profile, it seems Weber’s seemingly sweet nature could be exactly what Cho is looking for. The bio reads:

Eunice says she has never dated a guy who put her first and has made poor decisions when it comes to relationships. Her family has never met any of her boyfriends because they wouldn’t have approved of the bad boys she dated, but she looks at that as a positive thing. She’s coming into this experience with a clean slate, and we have a feeling if Eunice gets the chance to bring Peter home, it will be smooth skies from here on out.

Chris Harrison says Eunice Cho is a flight attendant who doesn’t like flying

A few weeks prior to The Bachelor Season 24 premiere, Chris Harrison gave a brief profile of all 30 women competing in Weber’s season. Then when the host introduced Cho, he shared that the flight attendant’s occupation seems to contradict her personal preferences.

“This is Eunice from Chicago … you talk about contradictions. This really is,” Harrison said. “She’s a flight attendant who doesn’t like to fly. She just likes the lifestyle. You know what? Whatever floats your boat, Eunice — or flies your plane.”

Harrison also confirmed Cho works for the same airline as another contestant on Weber’s season of The Bachelor.

“We’ve had a lot of instances this season where girls knew other girls coming into the show,” Harrison said. “Eunice is a flight attendant for a certain airline — so is another girl on this season. It’s kind of interesting that we have that a couple of times, where they come into the mansion knowing each other.”

Then later in the broadcast, Harrison revealed the identity of Cho’s co-worker as Megan Hops. According to Cho’s Instagram feed, both Cho and Hops work for United Airlines.

Now, it appears Cho is gearing up for her appearance on The Bachelor through social media. And she seems to put quite a bit of emphasis on limo night.

“Did someone say roses, limo entrances and champagne?” Cho wrote alongside the hashtags “expect turbulence” and “reformed.”

Then in a separate post revealing her limo entrance with angel wings, Cho wrote, “When i first locked eyes with Pete, did i black out from nerves or too much uozo in the limo? Tune in next week for new season of @bachelorabc.”

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