‘The Bachelor’: Who Is Sydney Hightower? Peter Weber’s Contestant Has a Surprising Connection With Hannah Brown

The holiday season is officially over, which means we can finally focus on the important things in life — like the contestants on Peter Weber‘s season of The Bachelor. The new season kicks off on Jan. 6, which means everyone is sifting through every detail about the cast. And as with every season, a few people already have connections within the Bachelor Nation family, including Sydney Hightower, who has an interesting link with The Bachelorette‘s Hannah Brown.

Who is Sydney Hightower from Peter Weber’s season of ‘The Bachelor’?

Sydney Hightower from 'The Bachelor' Season 24
Sydney Hightower from ‘The Bachelor’ | ABC/Maarten de Boer

According to Hightower’s Bachelor profile on the ABC website, the 24-year-old is a retail marketing manager from Birmingham, Alabama. Hightower’s profile also makes it clear she is passionate about love, as her bio specifically indicates she “loves love” and her favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day. That said, Hightower is also noted to be “fiery, fierce, and not a force you want to mess with.”

Meanwhile, the network revealed Hightower lives an active lifestyle. Her bio explains she enjoys hiking and planning “fantasy vacations for her and her future husband.” And while Hightower shared her Spanish-speaking abilities are only “so-so,” she “rules the dance floor” and tries to jog regularly before rewarding herself with a homemade cupcake.

Now, it seems like Hightower is ready to dive right into Weber’s arms on The Bachelor, despite going through a difficult breakup in the past. The profile reads:

Sydney loves love! She has always been a relationship type of girl, but the end of her last relationship really crushed her. After being together for two years, she and her boyfriend were planning on moving in together, and while it was an up-and-down relationship, she really thought he was the one. Right when her lease was up and they had begun looking for places together, he told Sydney that she wasn’t the one and ended the relationship immediately. Sydney was devastated, but has spent these last few months rebuilding her broken heart and preparing to get back out there. She is looking to find that one person who wants to fully give his all to her and build their lives together.

Chris Harrison shares Sydney Hightower’s connection with Hannah Brown

On Dec. 16, Chris Harrison officially introduced all 30 women vying for Weber’s heart in season 24. Then when the host spoke up about Hightower, he revealed her past link to a Bachelor Nation alum. And although Hightower is from Birmingham, she doesn’t have a connection with Hannah Godwin. But rather, with Hannah Brown.

Harrison explained Hightower is “from the same high school as Hannah Brown. They went to school together in Birmingham, Alabama.” The host didn’t go in any deeper about their connection. However, it’s possible fans will find out the extent of Hightower’s relationship with Brown, as The Bachelorette alum is making an appearance in the premiere on Jan. 6.

Regardless, Harrison promises Bachelor Nation that Hightower will be one to watch. “Talk about a surprise,” the host said. ” Sydney walked in sweet, soft-spoken. But it wasn’t long before everyone knew that Sydney would say anything.”

He continued: “So anything that was on your mind — you know, the bubble that pops over your head — and you’re like, that’s probably not appropriate, not the right thing to say. Sydney says it. So you’re going to love her. She’s that girl.”

Harrison also confirmed a bit of juicy insight in regards to Hightower and Weber’s relationship on the show. “A certain bachelor I also know said that she may be one of the best kissers in the group,” Harrison said. “Spoiler alert … Watch out for Sydney and those luscious lips, apparently.”

Meanwhile, it seems Hightower is gearing up for her Bachelor debut. And on her Instagram page, Hightower posted a clip of Harrison’s announcement to share with her followers.

“‘She believed she could, so she did,’” Hightower wrote. “The secrets out! Tune into @bachelorabc on January 6th to watch me takeoff on this journey!”

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