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We’re well into Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. So naturally, we’re finally learning what role each contestant will fill — sort of. Each week, drama emerges out of the woodwork. But it feels like we barely know any of the cast members, with the exception of the producers’ new villain. That said, there are still a handful of women who still let their personalities shine, including Tammy Ly, who has thus far lived up the hype spoken for by Chris Harrison through her hilarious commentary about The Bachelor mansion shenanigans.

Who is Tammy Ly from Peter Weber’s season of ‘The Bachelor’?

According to Tammy’s Bachelor profile on ABC’s website, the 24-year-old from Syracuse, New York, is a house flipper. However, when Harrison introduced Weber’s cast, the host revealed Tammy has not one, but six jobs, as confirmed by her Instagram bio

Tammy’s profile and Harrison’s cast introduction also delved into her background. Both sources shared Tammy came from a “hardworking family that immigrated over to Syracuse during the Vietnam War.” She“credits her go-go-go attitude to her parents” since they encouraged her to do what she wanted. 

Even in high school, Tammy tried to join the boys’ wrestling team and was turned down. However, she “just kept showing up and wouldn’t quit.” Eventually, Tammy made the team, finishing her term with a 7-1 record. 

Harrison also noted Tammy “might be my favorite story of the year” and is “more of a symbol of the American dream than anyone I know, than anyone who has ever been on the show.”

Tammy Ly from The Bachelor Season 24 Cast
Tammy Ly from ‘The Bachelor’ | ABC/Maarten de Boer

“We’ve had some great stories throughout the years. But Tammy really is,” Harrison said. “So bad*ss woman, strong woman, American dream. The kind of girl you just like to showcase and put a big bright spotlight on the show. You go, Tammy.”

Now, Tammy and Weber haven’t had a great deal of screentime together, despite her narrations during confessionals. Nevertheless, she has shared a few moments with the bachelor and seems to be ready to jump right in. 

“Tammy’s busy work life hasn’t given her too much time to date. She has been unable to find anyone in Syracuse who can keep up with her ambitious nature. And she finds it hard to date men her age because her drive tends to intimidate them,” her ABC profile reads. “Tammy is coming into this experience to focus on finding true love and to see if Peter is the type of guy who can give her the work-life balance she needs.”

Tammy Ly’s Instagram shows ‘The Bachelor’ contestant in a new light

Now, as The Bachelor nears its fifth week, it seems Tammy might get into it with some contestants, such as Kelsey Weier and Sydney Hightower. However, from the looks of Tammy’s Instagram page, the jetsetter has maintained friends with most of her fellow cast members.

Following a feed filled with fun photos, Tammy posted a picture with Alexa Caves, Alayah Benavidez, Avonlea Elkins, and Jasmine Nguyen. “One of my biggest fears is not having enough bridesmaids at my wedding one day. Now I have 29 too many,” Tammy wrote in the caption. “Thankful for these empowering women.”

Then in a separate Instagram post, Tammy opened up about growing up Asian American. “I spent my entire life disliking being Asian. I remember being bullied in school kids saying ‘shut up you’re Asian’ like being Asian was supposed to be an insult,” Tammy wrote, adding she “just wanted to be a blonde blue-eyed all American girl so badly.”

However, Tammy eventually learned “that being Asian is one of the best blessings God could’ve given me. Society needed to stop putting Asian-Americans on the back burner and I needed to as well.”

She continued: “Race isn’t just black & white and that’s what makes the world so beautiful. I want you all to know that it’s okay to be who you are and that you should always stand up for yourself, it’s OKAY to be ‘different.'”

Multiple women from Weber’s season of The Bachelor, including Madison Prewett and Kelley Flanagan, responded with their support. Meanwhile, Alexa revealed they discussed “race and our shared childhood experiences” in the mansion — a moment Bachelor Nation fans have yet to see on the ABC reality franchise. And quite frankly, we’re ready to see that footage.

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