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Former contestant of The Bachelorette, Chad Johnson is facing multiple charges after being accused of punching holes in his ex-girlfriend, Annalise Mishel’s wall. He was due to go in for arraignment, but it has been delayed. Find out what his lawyer has to say about the change and more.

Chad Johnson is facing multiple charges including one for assault and battery

Chad Johnson on 'The Bachelor'
Chad Johnson on ‘The Bachelor’ | Adam Taylor/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Johnson was arrested on suspicion of robbery. Mishel called 911 claiming he punched holes in her wall and he grabbed her phone from her on Feb. 23. She also recorded and posted videos of the alleged incident on Instagram.

The former reality star later did an interview with Too Fab. He claimed he completely blacked out and didn’t remember being at Mishel’s apartment.

“I had a little relapse… well I wouldn’t call it a little relapse,” he said before adding, “Big relapse.” Johnson claimed he was triggered by his breakup with Mishel and drank on Sunday.

“I’ve been so stressed man, just sitting in my car crying sometimes, just losing my mind. And to top it all off, the one person I’m closest to doesn’t get me a lot of times,” he said. “I just lost it.”

The reality star is facing multiple charges including one for corporal injury, one count of assault and battery, one count of witness intimidation, one count of trespassing and two counts of vandalism, according to Page Six.

Johnson and Annalise Mishler did interviews together

Johnson and Mishler later did interviews together. He said on Daily Pop he is doing an “outpatient program” for substance abuse.

“It’s one of those things where people are like, ‘We gotta lock you away so you won’t drink.’ I’m like, ‘I’m not drinking. I go to the gym two hours a day.’ It’s just like dealing with that one time, every couple of months or something happens and then I have an issue,” he said.

They also answered whether they are back together. “I’m not at a point to jump back into things. I need to see change and feel better about things,” Mishler said. “Getting help for alcohol is super important…We want to go to therapy, couples’ therapy, individual therapy. We have a lot to work on.”

His arraignment was postponed

The former contestant was scheduled to appear at Van Nuys Courthouse West on Tuesday, March 17. According to Page Six, Johnson’s arraignment was postponed for three days due to coronavirus concerns. His lawyer, lawyer Action Lavitch talked about the decision with the outlet.

“Courtrooms see an extremely high volume of people everyday — coming from all over the city. Taken to its logical conclusion, it would seem that resuming business as usual on Friday would not achieve our society’s goal of flattening the curve,” said Lavitch. “Transmission will likely remain high during this extremely critical time.”

He also said, “Mr. Johnson and I both look forward to the opportunity to ensure his rights are protected and his name is rightfully cleared once this national emergency is resolved. We hope everyone remains safe and healthy in the coming weeks.”