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Bad Bunny is one of music’s biggest artists, earning historic Grammy nominations, billions of Spotify streams, and the 2022 VMA for Artist of the Year. Here’s what this singer said about his appearance at the award ceremony — broadcasted live from Yankee Stadium.

Bad Bunny earned several VMAs at the 2022 MTV award ceremony 

Bad Bunny performing during his second concert at Azteca Stadium, as a part of World Hottest Tour
Bad Bunny performing during his second concert at Azteca Stadium, as a part of World Hottest Tour | Medios y Media/Getty Images

Bad Bunny made history at the 2022 MTV VMAs for more than one reason. He trended on social media after kissing his male dancer. He also became the first non-English language performer to win the Artist of the Year award.

“I have been saying it and I always believed from the beginning that I could become great,” he said during his acceptance speech. “That I could become one of the biggest stars in the world without having to change my culture, my language, my jargon. I am Benito Antonio Martínez from Puerto Rico to the whole world, thank you!”

The vocalist earned nominations for Song of the Summer (“Me Porto Bonito”), Best Latin (“Tití Me Preguntó”), and Album of the Year (Un Verano Sin Ti). Appearing live from Yankee Stadium for this event, Bad Bunny noticed the significance of his award win. 

Bad Bunny said the MTV VMAs was when he ‘felt biggest in [his] entire career’

One of the unique aspects of Bad Bunny’s appearance on the 2022 MTV VMAs, was that he performed live from New York’s Yankee Stadium. He highlighted “Titi Me Preguntó” off Un Verano Sin Ti, later commenting on the award ceremony. 

“Last night is one of the times I’ve felt biggest in my entire career,” Bad Bunny said during his Billboard interview. “Maybe it was receiving [the MTV Video Music Awards’ artist of the year honor] during a show — it was different, and it was in the U.S.!” 

“The award was American; the place was the most American place you can think of — Yankee Stadium,” he added. “And the Yankees are such an iconic and demanding team they wanted me to shave before the show, but I said no. (He’s joking.) I felt big onstage, the moment felt big, and there’s few moments that, even though they’re big, feel bien grande [so big].”


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Bad Bunny earned several Grammy nominations for ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’

Bad Bunny’s Un Verano Sin Ti continues to break Billboard records, also snagging millions of Spotify streams. “Me Porto Bonito” currently holds over a billion Spotify plays, while “Titi Me Preguntó” has over 910 million Spotify plays.

This album (and its track “Moscow Mule”) earned several Grammy nominations for the upcoming award ceremony. “Moscow Mule” is nominated in the Best Pop Solo Performance category, while the album is nominated for Best Música Urbana.

Un Verano Sin Ti is nominated for Album of the Year — becoming the first Spanish-language album in 65 years to do so. Music by Bad Bunny is available on most major streaming platforms.