Will Bambi’s Mom Die in Disney’s Live-Action Adaptation?

There are a few infamous Disney moments that go down in history. Mufasa in The Lion King, Bing Bong in Inside Out and, of course, Bambi’s mom in Disney’s animated movie, Bambi. What will happen in Disney’s live-action adaptation of Bambi? Will one scene be included in this version? Here’s what we know about this upcoming “live-action” Disney reboot.

Laura Linney, Viola Davis, John Leguizamo, Jessica Alba, Owen Wilson, and Liev Schreiber of the second season of Disney Junior's "A Poem Is...," featuring characters from 'Bambi'
Laura Linney, Viola Davis, John Leguizamo, Jessica Alba, Owen Wilson, and Liev Schreiber of the second season of Disney Junior’s “A Poem Is…,” featuring characters from ‘Bambi’ | Disney Junior via Getty images

Disney is creating a live-action adaptation of the 1942 animated film, ‘Bambi’

With the success of photo-real remakes like The Jungle Book and The Lion King, Disney has another live-action adaptation in the works. Recently, the studio announced they’re creating a new version of Bambi, presumably using the same CGI technology of their 2019 release, The Lion King.

The original version of this film, released in 1942, tells the story of one young deer as he navigates the forest. He meets a few friends along the way and, with the help of his mother, learns how to walk and stay safe.

The cast list for ‘Bambi’ has not yet been revealed by Disney

Disney has not yet revealed who will be voicing characters like Bambi and Thumper. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Geneva Robertson-Dworet (Captain Marvel, Tomb Raider) and Lindsey Beer (Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, Chaos Walking) will write the script. There’s no official premiere date for this film yet, but other live-action adaptations like Mulan and The Little Mermaid will make their theatrical debut within the next few years.

It’s also unclear if this film will premiere exclusively on Disney’s streaming platform, similar to their 2019 release, Lady and the Tramp. Once news broke of Bambi, some fans shared their thoughts on social media primarily regarding Bambi and the character’s mother.

Disney fans shared their concern for this one potential scene in the live-action version of ‘Bambi’

It may be a movie for children, but that doesn’t mean Bambi strays away from darker themes. The original version of this film included one scene of the deer as he discovers that his mother has been shot by hunters.

Disney has not made any statement regarding whether or not Bambi’s mother is killed in this live-action adaptation. However, because other Disney live-action remakes included controversial scenes (Mufasa’s death among them,) some believe that Bambi’s mom will suffer the same fate. Some took to social media, sharing their thoughts on this live-action reboot.

“There [are] 3 perfectly awesome Disney movies that could actually benefit from a live-action remake. But instead, we’re remaking The Lady and the Tramp, Bambi, and… Pinocchio,” one Twitter user said.

“Disney is apparently working on a remake of Bambi. Oh goodie. I’m not looking forward to it since I really don’t want Disney to keep remaking their animated classics and that it’s also gonna spawn another debate on whether it’s live-action or animated like that Lion King remake,” another Twitter user wrote.

Until then, fans can watch the original Bambi, and other classic Disney films, on the company’s streaming platform. To learn more about Disney+ and to subscribe, visit their website