Barbed Wire Tattoos Like Pamela Anderson’s Are Making a Comeback

In the public eye, celebrities are often recognized for their skills, talents, fashion looks, brands, and sometimes even their tattoos. Fans of Eve probably remember when the rapper got paw prints tattooed on her chest. 

Cara Delevingne is another popular star who is well-known for her inked art. On Delevinge’s finger, she sports a lion, and on her neck is a pair of iconic eyes. Justin Bieber had a lot of people talking back in 2012 when he decided to get a tattoo of Jesus’ portrait. 

Over the years, fans and followers have seen their fair share of trends and tattoos, and there’s one they can expect to see a lot more of. Inspired by Pamela Anderson, barbed wire tattoos are making a comeback. 

Pamela Anderson smiling
Pamela Anderson | Mathis Wienand/Getty Images

The story behind Pamela Anderson’s barbed wire tattoo 

One of Anderson’s most appraised roles came in 1992 when she was cast in Baywatch. For five seasons Anderson played C.J.Parker on the popular NBC television series. At the peak of her fame and success, the actor was landing role after role. 

It was during this time that Anderson appeared as Barb Wire on the big screen. Barb Wire premiered in 1996 and centered around a bounty hunter, played by Anderson, and her romantic past. In the film, Anderson’s character was written to rock a signature and trademark barbed wire tattoo. 

When the actor realized that she would have to sit in makeup every day of filming to get the tattoo painted on her, Anderson made the decision to get the tattoo for real. As the Baywatch star explained, “I had a tattoo artist just sketch it on me and I wore it around for a half a day to see how it looked … I decided I’d just go ahead and get it done. I love it. I think it’s very feminine, for barbed wire.” 

The commitment to the character definitely might have raised some eyebrows, but Anderson seemed happy with her decision. However, in 2014, the popular actor did decide to eventually get the iconic tattoo removed. Chronicle Live documented the details behind the story. 

As Anderson’s fans might already know, her barbed wire tattoo wasn’t the only tattoo of hers that she has altered over the years. In February of 1995, Anderson married the famous and popular musician Tommy Lee. Anderson had gotten “Tommy” tattooed on her finger to commemorate their love. 

The couple had two sons, but, unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last long. In 1998, the pair split. Getting creative about the “Tommy” tattoo, Anderson had it altered to read “Mommy”. 

Barbed wire tattoos are making a comeback 

Some people may be surprised to learn that barbed wire tattoos like Anderson‘s are making a comeback. Dua Lipa is one star who has seemed to join the movement and has been rocking a heart-shaped barbed wire tattoo on her arm. 

The look that stems from the ’90s has been flooding Instagram. Daily Star has documented the growing trend, and tattoo artists are getting a lot more barbed wire requests these days.

 A closer look at the Hulu series ‘Pam and Tommy’

Anderson’s legendary tattoo inspiration isn’t the only reason people have been talking about the star these days. Hulu’s Pam and Tommy has once again put the star at the forefront of social media and headlines. The 8 episode mini-series tells the whirlwind romance story that took place between Anderson and her former husband. 

Much of the series focuses on the couple’s infamous sex tape and the chaos that followed. The show has received a lot of positive reviews and definitely has renewed interest in both Anderson and her former lover Lee. 

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