Barefoot Contessa: Ina Garten’s Chicken With Wild Mushrooms Is an Easy 1-Pot Dinner

It might not be as well-known as her Perfect Roast Chicken but Ina Garten’s Chicken with Wild Mushrooms is still a popular Barefoot Contessa chicken recipe. The celebrity chef combines simple ingredients to create a flavorful one-pot dish that’s perfect for any day of the week. 

Ina Garten’s Chicken with Wild Mushrooms is ready in 2 hours

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Garten’s Chicken with Wild Mushrooms isn’t a 30, or even 20, minute meal. According to the recipe instructions (Food Network has all the details) this particular Barefoot Contessa chicken dish takes just about two hours to cook. But as Garten fans can already guess that doesn’t mean spending the entire time in the kitchen. On the contrary, the dish doesn’t take long to get started. The Chicken with Wild Mushrooms requires 30 minutes of prep. So what’s there to do with the remaining time? Not much because that’s when it’s cooking. As Garten often says on her cooking show, how easy is that?

Make the Barefoot Contessa chicken dish using Ina Garten’s ‘really easy’ steps

In true Barefoot Contessa fashion, Garten’s Chicken with Wild Mushrooms is a pretty easy recipe with simple instructions. And, as the Food Network star once said on her cooking show, the dish comes together using a series of “really easy” steps. First, Garten seasons the chicken. Next, she coats it in flour to “dry the outside and keep the inside really moist.” Then she browns the chicken, being careful not to crowd them. 

It wouldn’t be a Barefoot Contessa recipe without a Garten cooking tip. Instead of tossing in sprigs of thyme and fishing them out of the pot later, Garten takes the how-easy-is-that? approach. 

“Here’s a little trick. If you tie them together then you don’t have to pick out all those little sprigs of thyme. All you have to do is pick up the string and it’s all together,” she explained. “And actually what’s going to happen is the little leaves of thyme are just going to come off in the cooking.”

Ina Garten’s Chicken with Wild Mushrooms is a 5-star Barefoot Contessa chicken recipe

Ina Garten uses a food processor on the Today show during a cooking segment with Savannah Guthrie
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Despite not being one of Garten’s top-rated recipes on Food Network the Modern Comfort Food author’s Chicken with Wild Mushrooms is popular with those who have made it at home. At the time of publication, the Barefoot Contessa recipe averages five stars. Plus, it’s been reviewed more than 80 times. 

So what did reviewers have to say about the Barefoot Contessa chicken recipe? In short, they loved it. One reviewer even called it “one of the best” Barefoot Contessa recipes they’ve ever tried. Others loved that it’s a one-pot dish. 

Meanwhile, many reviewers raved about the sauce. “This makes such a wonderful gravy and has such a deep rich flavor you don’t want to stop eating,” a reviewer wrote while another described the sauce as “to die for.” 

Other praise for the recipe included comments such as “It tasted like eating in Paris,” and “It’s an easy recipe and even if it was hard, it would be worth every bit of hard work.”

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