‘Battle of the Fittest Couples’: Which Swolemates Are Still Together?

The Bachelorette couple JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rogers hosted Battle of the Fittest Couples, a reality competition show where 12 athletic couples competed for a $100,000 grand prize.

The show premiered on Paramount Network on October 15, 2019. Three episodes later, it stopped airing on television, and the rest of the episodes were made available online or YouTube. Currently, the future of the show is undecided.

JoJo Fletcher Jordan Rogers
JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers | Steven Ferdman

Are the couples who competed on the show still together?

Andy Rodriguez and Christina Stewart (Rodriguez)

Online coaches based in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

The Florida-based couple went home early in the competition but came back after a family emergency eliminated a promising pair. Unfortunately, an injury in the Rage Cage sent them packing for a second and final time.

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A few weeks after the show finished airing, the couple announced they secretly married, and she took his last name. A week later, they bought a new home together.

Currently, the pair live with their two-year-old dog, and Christina runs an active YouTube channel with over 41,000 subscribers in which Andy makes frequent appearances.

Tony Cello and Nicole Cairns

Gym owners based in Casselberry, FL

The “Young Guns” did well in the competition, even pulling out a few challenge wins until an intense Rage Cage eliminated them. Currently, the fit couple are still together and recently celebrated their fifth anniversary in December 2019.

Blake Chastain and Talya Smith

X-Ray technologist and salesperson based in Dalton, GA

The athletic couple performed well in the competition until another pair targeted them due to Tayla’s “bullying.” The Georgia-based swole mates ended up in the bottom due to a weak performance and couldn’t pull out the Rage Cage win, sending them home.

Currently, the two are presumably still together as they both “like” and “comment” on each other’s Instagram photos and follow each other. Blake recently posted from Tennessee and Hawaii, and Tayla didn’t seem to be with him.

Jaret Campisi and Christina Khalil

Youtubers based in Mechanicsburg, PA

The track-and-field couple proved themselves as viable threats when they won a Rage Cage elimination while sick, and Christina outlasted all the guys in a challenge where they had to hold on to ropes suspended over a lake.

They made it to the finals but couldn’t bounce the medicine ball into the contraption, eliminating the couple in third place. After the show, the couple moved to California, adopted two cats, and continued their YouTube career.

The couple’s channels boast of nearly a million subscribers combined. The YouTubers both post about cars and motorcycles with Christina’s channel including vlogs and workout content. 

Jordan Dugger and Erin Dimond

Online coaches based in Columbus, Ohio

The scheming couple didn’t last long in the house as they came in overconfident and couldn’t pull out the win. Shortly after Battle of the Fittest couples stopped airing, Jordan proposed to Erin.

They currently host podcast Flow State of Mind and founded a mentorship program for online fitness coaches called Impact Fitness Coaching Academy, or IFCA. The business duo recently bought a home together where they live with their three dogs.

Christina Jauch and Josh Reyes

Sales directors based in Tampa, FL

The Big and Tall pair “stood up to bullying” and sent Blake and Tayla packing in an epic elimination. While many thought they could have won the season, an unexpected death in Josh’s family sent the packing couple prematurely.

Between March 2019 and October 2019, the couple decided to part ways. He began dating someone else in November 2019, and they attended an electronic dance music concert, EDC. Coincidentally, Christina also went to EDC, where she seemingly worked as a bartender. 

Kathy and Luther Freeman

Celebrity trainers based in Windermere, FL

The fit couple didn’t do well in the competition as Luther sustained an injury early in the game. They then decided to quit as opposed to compete in an elimination round and potentially hurt himself more.

The celebrity trainers are still married, and Luther recently competed in a celebrity basketball game in Orlando. Additionally, he posted that late basketball legend Kobe Bryant agreed to speak on Luther’s upcoming podcast before his untimely passing.

Kyle and Shay Cameron

Sales manager and hairstylist based in Sacramento, CA

After winning four out of the possible nine challenges and at least two Rage Cage eliminations, the competitive couple took home the grand prize. They married in November 2018, almost a year before Battle of the Fittest Couples aired, and Shay became a “great” step-mother to Kyle’s pre-teen son. Currently, they sell fitness apparel and travel as a family.

Mathew (Mathew Micheletti) and Asherah (Ashley Cottrell) Turiya

Yoga and meditation teachers based in Pahoa, HI

The married yoga couple first led two competitors to victory in the Rage Cage by leading meditation for them. After throwing Kyle and Shay in elimination, Mat and Ash became primary targets. They couldn’t pull it out in the Rage Cage, barely missing the finals.

Known as The Yoga Couple, Mat and Ash currently host yoga retreats and write books about the healing nature of yoga.

Michael Sayasith and Heaven Yasmeen

Male entertainer and esthetician based in Charlotte, North Carolina

The fit couple’s alliance with Kyle and Shay brought them far in the competition but knocked them out in the Rage Cage to advance to the finals. After their loss, Michael proposed to Heaven, who enthusiastically agreed.

However, in late 2019 or early 2020, the couple called it quits. It’s unclear why they parted ways, but Heaven moved to California, where she works as a fitness model while Michael stayed in North Carolina.

Rhavie “Robbie” Marino and Jessika Stauffer

Private trainers based in Maui, HI

The couple lasted throughout the entire competition without ever getting nominated for the Rage Cage. However, they lost in the final challenge to Kyle and Shay, finishing in second place.

The engaged couple haven’t posted much together but still follow, and like each other’s pictures, so it’s assumed they are still together.

Tyler James and Ryann Murphy

Actors/models based in Los Angeles, California

The couple became an early target due to Ryann’s perceived “flirty” behavior, which alienated them from a few pairs. After a couple of elimination wins, they couldn’t take defeat Kyle and Shay and were eliminated before the finals.

While the social media influencers rarely post together due to their “brands,” they are still dating. Ryann has Tyler’s name in her Instagram bio, and the two recently vacationed in Singapore. Battle of the Fittest Couples Season 2 has not been confirmed as of yet.