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  • Batwoman and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow have received cancellations.
  • Disappointed fans want HBO Max to save the two CW shows.
  • There’s no official discussion of finding new homes for the DC series.
Javicia Leslie as Batwoman in The CW's 'Batwoman,' which received a cancellation. Her hair is down, and she's wearing the black mask and Batsuit.
Javicia Leslie in ‘Batwoman’ | Dean Buscher/The CW

The CW’s Arrowverse got a little smaller on April 29, when the cancellations of Batwoman and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow were announced. The network, which changed ownership during the Discovery and WarnerMedia merger, will not move forward with either series, something that’s prompted an outcry from disappointed fans. Some are even hoping HBO Max could save the shows by moving them to its platform.

‘Batwoman’ and ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ received cancellations

Following The CW’s renewal of shows like The Flash and Superman and Lois, the fates of Batwoman and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow hung in the balance — but fans now know where both series stand.

On April 29, Batwoman showrunner Caroline Dries posted on Twitter that Batwoman would not receive a season 4:

“Just got the sad news that #Batwoman will not be seeing an S4. I am bummed, but full of gratitude. What an honor to make 51 episodes. So many inspiring, brilliant people contributed to this series. Thank you producers, cast and crew. Thank you, fans! We love you.”

Keto Shimizu, co-showrunner of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, followed with a similar Twitter thread. “Well, folks,” Shimizu wrote. “It’s been an incredible run. However, the CW has let us know that there will be no season 8 of #LegendsOfTomorrow.”

This came as a blow to fans, especially after the show’s recent cliffhanger ending. And they’ve been vocal in their disappointment, taking to Twitter to express their frustration with the network. It seems “Save Batwoman” and “Save Legends of Tomorrow” movements may spring out of The CW series’ cancellations.

Could HBO Max rise up to answer them?

Disappointed fans want HBO Max to save ‘Batwoman’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

The cancellations of Batwoman and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow came as a major disappointment to fans, especially since neither received proper endings before coming to a close. Batwoman, which changed leads at the start of season 2, was just beginning to run with Ryan Wilder’s (Javicia Leslie) story. And DC’s Legends of Tomorrow finished season 7 on a cliffhanger — one fans are unlikely to see resolved.

Viewers took to Twitter to express their disappointment with the abrupt cancellations. Additionally, many started calling for HBO Max to save Batwoman and Legends.

“Anyway, move BATWOMAN and LEGENDS of TOMORROW over to HBO Max,” IGN’s Amelia E. wrote on Twitter.

Other fans expressed similar sentiments, calling for the shows to make a comeback on the streaming platform. They also argued that Warner Bros. Discovery should at least give them a proper sendoff with one more season. Whether the company will listen is another story.

Could the Arrowverse shows have a future after their cancellations?


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So, could Batwoman and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow have futures in spite of their cancellations? It seems like a long shot, but dedicated fan movements have saved other series in the past. Both shows now have petitions calling for renewals. However, it’s unclear if they’ll prompt any action.

To be fair, HBO Max would make a good home for both series, giving them the chance to explore more mature themes without the constraints of network television. The streamer already saw success with Peacemaker, and its Batgirl show promises to attract attention as well.

Unfortunately, there’s been no official discussion of finding new homes for Batwoman and Legends as of this writing. And DC’s plans for HBO Max might be the reason the Arrowverse is shrinking. Warner Bros. Discovery already revealed plans to make the franchise more cohesive in the future.

Still, it seems a shame to cancel two of the Arrowverse’s most diverse series, especially when others are continuing with business as usual. Perhaps there’s still hope we’ll see these characters in other shows — or in HBO Max versions of their own.