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As the Batwoman Season 1 finale nears, Alice and Mouse continue to plot, Tommy ‘Hush’ Elliot is on the loose, and Colonel Kane’s grudge against Batwoman grows. Amid all the chaos surrounding the characters, fans are in a tizzy over one particular plot detail. Will Luke and Mary finally become a couple? And if so, when?

Opposites attract

At first glance, Luke and Mary may not seem like an obvious match. While Luke is prudent and careful, Mary is unafraid to take calculated risks. But what they have in common is their loyalty, compassion, and exceptional intelligence. Mary is an intuitive med student with a knack for influencing others, while technology and gadgets are in Luke’s domain.

Luke has been a part of the Bat Team since Kate began her crusade, and Mary is the new brain in the Bat Cave. Before Mary was officially brought on board, she and Luke teamed up to investigate a shooting in Batwoman episode 15. Sparks flew when they clashed over their dissimilar sleuthing methods. He thought she was too trusting. She thought he was too abrasive. And fans think they are adorable together.

“Luke and Mary are cute,” gushed one fan.

‘Batwoman’ fans are shipping Mary and Luke

In Batwoman Season 1 Episode 18, titled “If You Believe in Me, I’ll Believe in You,” Kate and Julia went undercover to retrieve a stolen item from a mob-run nightclub. They both ended up in hot water and out of commission, so it was up to Mary and Luke to save them.

In the moments leading up to Mary’s big mission, Luke displayed genuine concern for her safety, and Mary put complete trust in Luke. Their exchange garnered an enormous reaction from fans. The chemistry shared by the pair was not lost on the audience.

“Aww, Luke doesn’t want Mary to get hurt. They need to hurry up and get together,” wrote a fan.

Dressed in a killer outfit — and with her game-face on — Mary hit the club, but not without packing a few Bat toys, courtesy of Luke. That set off a Twitter storm of shippers.

“Luke giving Mary Bat accessories…Are they engaged now?” quipped a fan.

Another declared, “If there was ever a time to ship Luke and Mary, that time is now!”

“Luke and Mary make a perfect couple,” wrote another.

‘Batwoman’ fans want Mary and Luke to suit up

The popularity of the duo is growing, but there is a camp of fans that also want them to get in on the action as vigilantes alongside Kate. One fan tweeted, “I SUPER hope that Luke and Mary get costumes by some point next season. They’re both superheroes in their own right in the comics.”

Another follower agreed, tweeting, “Yeah, Batwing seems like a given with the way the show is unfolding.”

It is anyone’s guess where the adventures of Batwoman will take the Bat Team, but one thing is certain. Fans dig Luke and Mary.

“I live for these Mary and Luke moments,” tweeted one admirer. That sentiment echoes throughout the Twitter-verse.

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