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Luke Fox is Kate’s ride or die friend, and he just proved it in Batwoman Season 1 Episode 19, “A Secret Kept from All The Rest.” Here’s how it all went down.

Previously on ‘Batwoman’

Luke Fox is the son of the late Lucius Fox, Bruce Wayne’s right-hand technology guru. Not only did he inherit his father’s exceptional intellect, but he also has a knack for providing back-up to vigilante heroes.

Before Bruce left town, Luke got in on the behind-the-scenes action in the Bat Cave. When Kate stepped into the role of the new Caped Crusader, Luke slid right in to give her a technical and tactical advantage over the goons in Gotham City.

Luke’s dad recorded vital information in a series of journals prior to his death. One such manuscript was stolen by Tommy Elliot and placed under lock and key at a mob club. Batwoman Season 1 Episode 18, “If You Believe in Me, I’ll Believe in You,” revolved around a heist to recover said journal.

Alas, the book ended up at Arkham Asylum in Alice’s hands. Kate’s twisted sister had earlier helped Tommy, now known as Hush, fake his death by removing his face and placing it on another unlucky inmate.

In hopes of earning a new face (and identity) from Alice, Hush told her that the key to killing Batwoman was written in Lucius’ journal. Alice was thrilled to have the book, but her celebration was cut short when Mouse revealed that the entire text was written in code, rendering it unreadable for them.

Luke Fox cracked the code but didn’t crack under pressure

The narrative continued in “A Secret Kept from All the Rest,” as various players tried to crack the secret code in which several of the journals were written. While one key book rested in the hands of Alice, many other writings were seen inside the Bat Cave, along with special glasses that enable the wearer to read the journals.

Desperate to unlock the secrets inside the journal, Alice, Tommy, and Mouse abducted a cryptology professor and an NSA agent. Both failed to live up to Alice’s expectations, so true to form, she tortured them to death and targeted another codebreaker.

Batwoman thwarted their plot to do the same thing to a tech prodigy named Parker Torres. So, they pivoted to a different strategy and nabbed both the Bat’s bestie and her ex-flame, Luke and Julia. The baddies tortured Julia with an electroshock device to coerce Luke into decrypting the writings. The young Mr. Fox succeeded in cracking his father’s code but refused to reveal the valuable secrets to Alice’s gang.

In a mic-drop moment, Luke declared, “My father was willing to die for this secret. And we’re willing to do the same.”

By the end of the episode, Batwoman had made a trade. She gave Alice Lucius’ technology-enhanced glasses so that she could read the journal in exchange for Luke and Julia’s freedom, despite Luke’s strong objections. But the heroism of Luke in Batwoman Season 1 has not gone unnoticed.

“We both know there’s no Batwoman without Luke Fox,” admitted Kate, giving her partner a rare hug. Nuff said.

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