‘Batwoman’ Preview: Alice Holds the ‘Key to Killing Batwoman’

In the last several episodes, The CW’s freshman series, Batwoman, has dropped a few bombshells. And the upcoming Season 1 episode 19, titled “A Secret Kept From All the Rest,” promises some explosive confrontations. Here’s a recap of where Kate and the Crew stand and a preview of what to expect next in Gotham City.

[Spoiler warning: The following article contains details about Batwoman Season 1]

Batwoman's Batsignal
Ruby Rose and Rachel Skarsten in Batwoman | Jeffery Garland/The CW

Previously on ‘Batwoman,’ Kate gets double-crossed

Batwoman Season 1 Episode 18, titled “If You Believe in Me, I’ll Believe in You,” was jam-packed with exciting action and jaw-dropping moments. The episode culminated with a few plot twists that will add some juicy conflicts to the show.

In the episode, Kate, Luke, and Julia infiltrate a mob-infested nightclub on a mission to find Lucius Fox’s journal. The book houses many of Fox’s secrets about the Caped Crusader, including how to kill the Bat. Mary is left out in the cold when Kate refuses to include her in the subterfuge.

Predictably, the plan goes awry. Both Kate and Julia end up captured by the mob, and Mary — with Luke in her ear — swoops in to save the day. Just then, escaped Arkham inmate, Magpie, shows up — presumably after receiving help from Alice and Mouse — to swipe the journal. But Kate prevails.

After a long night, she reconnects with her old flame, Reagan, who she spotted working at the mob bar. The ladies go back to Kate’s place to reconnect, but the next morning, Kate awakens to find Reagan gone, along with the journal.

Batwoman has been had. It turns out that Reagan has been in cahoots with Magpie all along because they are sisters! Magpie delivers the book to Alice as payment for her freedom.

Troublingly, Alice has been handing out favors all over Arkham. She and Mouse helped Tommy Elliott fake his death to avoid prosecution for Fox’s murder. But Tom had to pay a pretty hefty price by having his face removed and placed on a dead body to fool authorities.

In other news, Julia takes a suspicious phone call in which she promises an unseen partner that she will secure the journal. Is Alice on to something when she tells Tommy Elliott to trust no one?

Next on ‘Batwoman,’ Alice plots to kill Kate

“This book holds the key to killing Batwoman,” says Alice in the preview for Batwoman Season 1 Episode 19, “A Secret Kept From All the Rest.” Kate’s twisted sister is referring Lucious Fox’s journal. In the promo, Alice plots with Mouse to bring down the Bat using Fox’s hidden codes.

Meanwhile, it appears that Kate has successfully hunted down her shady ex-love interest, Reagan, who has some explaining to do. Plus, the tortured hero walks in on Sophie and Julia at the Crow Security headquarters. The operatives look mighty cozy, to Kate’s chagrin.

Elsewhere in Gotham, the promo teases that Tommy Elliott, now being called ‘Hush,’ is out of Arkham and on the loose. It remains to be seen how he broke out, but it can’t hurt that authorities believe that he is dead. The bandaged-up baddie totes not one, but two pistols aimed at an unseen foe. And later, it looks as if Hush and Alice have teamed up to subdue Julia using electroshock therapy methods.

The promo culminates with an intense fight scene between Batwoman, and what looks like a violent group of Arkham inmates. Then, Jacob Kane warns “If I see you again, it’s war.”

Questions to ponder

Who is Colonel Kane threatening? Could Batwoman or Alice be on the receiving end of his warning? If it is Batwoman he’s challenging, what will be the ramifications? Will the Crow leader realize that it is his beloved daughter under the mask before they come to blows? How will Alice’s plans disrupt the delicate balance of power in Gotham? And will Hush become yet another weapon in her arsenal?

This Penultimate episode of Batwoman Season 1 will be a crucial turning point in the story. Fans can look forward to seeing it play out on May 10, followed by the finale on May 17. Batwoman airs on Sundays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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