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The CW’s Batwoman scene partners, Camrus Johnson and Nicole Kang, sizzle with chemistry as Luke and Mary. While their characters may seem like an odd pairing, there’s a simple reason why the writers throw them together so frequently.

Luke and Mary form a brilliant Bat Team on ‘Batwoman’

Luke became Kate’s first trusted ally in Batwoman Season 1. He schooled the neophyte vigilante on all the toys in the Bat Cave. The whiz kid also provided both tech assistance and moral support while Batwoman fought to protect Gotham City.

On the other hand, Mary joined the Bat Team later in the season after discovering her stepsister’s secret. Her medical expertise, along with her intuition and wit, undoubtedly make her an invaluable asset to the squad.

In Batwoman Season 2, a new hero will put on the mask and cape after Kate vanishes. Lucky for her, Luke and Mary will still be around to offer backup.

An executive producer for the show explained the appeal of the duo

Recently, one Batwoman executive producer, Sarah Schechter, appeared with Johnson and Kang in a Twitter video dubbed, Bat Chat. In it, Schechter dished about the popularity of Luke and Mary. Here’s why she says the duo gets so much screen time on Batwoman.

“Your banter between the two of you is so much fun that, like, I think Caroline [Dries] started writing more of it,” Schechter said. “So, when you find these wonderful actors that, kinda like, overdeliver bringing your stories to life, you get inspired to want to write more for them.”

‘Batwoman’ fans think ‘Luke and Mary’ will become a supercouple

It seems that viewers like the Luke and Mary combo just as much as the writers do — if not more. There is no shortage of admirers who love seeing them together. “Luke and Mary make a perfect couple,” tweeted one fan.

They don’t appear to be an obvious match, and they frequently verbally spar. But the audience adores the juxtaposition of prudent Luke and bold Mary. And despite their differences, a more in-depth look at the characters will reveal what they have in common.

Both Luke and Mary are loyal, compassionate, and exceptionally intelligent. It remains to be seen whether their platonic relationship will blossom into a romance, but if shippers have it their way, Luke and Mary will definitely make a love connection.


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“I live for these Mary and Luke moments,” tweeted a follower. While that is a pretty popular opinion on social media, some fans want Luke and Mary to get in on another kind of action too.

“I SUPER hope that Luke and Mary get costumes by some point next season. They’re both superheroes in their own right in the comics,” one enthusiast wrote.

It remains to be seen how the story will play out with Luke and Mary as they adjust to the new Batwoman, but it appears that fans can likely look forward to even more playful banter between them.