Will Batman Return to Gotham? (And Other Questions the ‘Batwoman’ Season 1 Finale Needs to Answer)

Batwoman Season 1 Episode 19 titled, “A Secret Kept from All the Rest,” revealed key information, hinted at a new threat, and placed some alliances on shaky ground. That penultimate episode set up the Bat Team, its allies, and its adversaries for the first season finale, episode 20, “O, Mouse!” Keeping recent developments in mind, here are some clues to consider and a few burning questions we hope the Batwoman Season 1 finale will answer. [Spoiler warning: The following article contains details about Batwoman Season 1.]

Batwoman's Batsignal
Ruby Rose and Rachel Skarsten in Batwoman | Jeffery Garland/The CW

‘Batwoman’ finale clues

When it comes to the Batwoman finale, The CW has teased juicy tidbits about what to expect next without giving away specific plot details. The official episode synopsis for “O, Mouse!” reads as follows:

“When one of Gotham’s former heroes returns to settle a score, both Batwoman and Commander Kane find themselves on the defensive; Alice uncovers what could finally take down Batwoman; Commander Kane refuses to retreat from his war on Batwoman.”

Both the description and the episode title indicate where the story may head. What’s more, Batwoman star, Camrus Johnson, boasted a “pretty incredible cliffhanger,” in an interview with TV Line. What lies ahead in the finale will likely give the audience plenty to chew on until the show returns for season 2. But, hopefully, the episode will resolve the following hot topics.

Will Batman finally return to Gotham? (Some fans think so)

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The “O, Mouse!” episode description mentions “one of Gotham’s former heroes.” Based on that clue among others, the Twitter chatter has ramped up with predictions that The Dark Knight will make an appearance in the Batwoman Season 1 finale.

“Bruce Wayne will walk into Wayne Towers/Batcave, and that will be the massive cliffhanger for next season,” wrote one Twitter user.  

“I’m still hoping for a Bruce Wayne cameo in the form of a Hush impersonation or something,” tweeted another Batwoman fan.

Although most viewers think Kate’s cousin, Bruce, will materialize in his signature mask and cape, there are additional possibilities to consider. Other Gotham heroes appear in DC Comics, including Dick Grayson, the first vigilante known as Robin, and Barbara Gordan, aka Batgirl.

Will Mouse turn on Alice?

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The episode title, “O, Mouse,” hints that at least one of the plot points will revolve around Alice’s childhood friend and partner in crime, Mouse. The last time the audience saw the pair, they were at odds.

Mouse had grown fond of their sweet setup at Arkham and wanted to build a future there masquerading as the head doctor, with Alice as his right hand. Unfortunately for him, Alice had other plans. She destroyed Mouse’s disguise and prompted a riot as a diversion for their escape from the facility. Mouse was none too happy about Alice’s actions and griped about their new cold, dank hideout.

The episode preview reveals a squabble between Mouse and their latest ally, Tommy ‘Hush’ Elliot. Will his discontent turn to rage against Alice and the gang?

Will Commander Kane take down Batwoman or be forced to team up with her?

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The preview for the Batwoman Season 1 finale shows an intense standoff between Commander Kane and the Bat. There are numerous ways that confrontation could play out. Backup could arrive to enable the vigilante’s escape. Or, the Crows could capture or wound Batwoman, leaving Kane to discover his daughter’s secret identity. However, the synopsis suggests that the enemies may have to defend against a common threat.

While Kane “refuses to retreat from his war on Batwoman,” will the adversaries put their grudge match on pause to fight another foe? Fans won’t have to wait much longer to find out what will happen in the final episode of the season. The Batwoman Season 1 finale will air on May 17 at 8 p.m.

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