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Higher ranking members of the British Royal Family have hectic schedules and a ton of travel on their plates. As a result, no matter how hands-on Kate Middleton, Prince William, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry are with their children –they still need a nanny to fill in the gaps when they can’t be there.

Though many of us had babysitters or a grandparent to watch us when we were little, nannies for the British Royal Family have much more extensive roles than that. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge found their nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo when Prince George was just 8-months old. Now that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are set to welcome their first child in just a few weeks –we’re sure they’re on the hunt for their own royal nanny.

How to become a royal nanny

Just because you know CPR and have spent time watching your younger siblings doesn’t mean you qualify to be a royal nanny. Royal nannies are typically educated at Norland College in Bath, England. At Norland, nannies are taught that “a child is never naughty.” Royal nannies are trained extensively for three years in sewing, cooking, diaper changing, child psychology, health, philosophies of childhood education as well as self-defense so that they can be prepared in the event of a kidnapping attempt. Other courses include lice removal, checking on a child’s online activity, and discretion. They earn a Bachelor’s in Early Years Development and Learning.

In year four, they are trained in practical aspects of the care and development of children in the early years. According to the school’s principal, Dr. Janet Rose, “Students can choose to take [virtual] home overnight before they complete 25 hours of newborn experience with real babies.” After year four they receive their specialized Norland diploma.

Getting accepted into Norland College

Norland doesn’t just accept anyone into their elite school. After all –nannies will be caring for the little royals and the British elite. Dr. Janet Rose explained, “approximately 30 percent of applicants will be unsuccessful.” Rose told Town & Country, “Amongst many traits, Norland nannies need to be loving, kind, honest, creative, responsible and organized so we look for candidates with these characteristics. The interview comprises a one on one interview and a group presentation.” You must have some prior childcare experience before applying.

How can you get a job as a nanny with the British Royal Family?

At the end of their four-year extensive education and training, Norland graduates take an 8-week social etiquette course which shows them how to eat a pear correctly, discusses body language, and addressing someone with a title, among other things. For aspiring royal nannies –this is a must. In addition to a Norland eduction, royal nannies like Nanny Maria Borrallo have at least a decade of work experience and a squeaky clean background.

How much are royal nannies paid?

A typical salary for Norland graduates who act as live-in nannies is about $55,000. However, with three little ones to look after in the royal family, we’d assume that Borrallo might be getting paid a great deal more especially since she is wrangling three children.

Wearing the royal nanny uniform

During official affairs, like Royal Weddings or Christenings, royal nannies must wear their distinctive brown uniform. When the royals first started hiring nannies in the 1800s, the uniforms were created so that the nannies would not be mistaken for housemaids. Now –when they aren’t at formal affairs the royal nannies wear civilian clothes.

It might be too late for you to become Baby Sussex’s nanny –but if you love children and have dreams of working with the British Royal family check out Norland College here.

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