Before ‘A Million Little Things,’ Romany Malco Had a No. 1 Record and Struck Comedy Gold

ABC’s A Million Little Things boasts a deep bench of talent. The actors on the show bring complex characters to life, connecting with fans through authentic performances. Romany Malco portrays Rome Howard, a creative professional with a loyal spirit and a firm resolve. But even before Malco became a household name, he had already completed an impressive string of projects in the realm of entertainment. Here’s a snapshot of Malco’s robust resumé plus some little-known details about how he got his start.

A Million Little Things
A Million Little Things | Jack Rowand via Getty Images

Romany Malco has a musical background

A quick glance at Romany Malco’s resumé on will show the actor’s vast experience. But a more in-depth look at his background reveals that he started on a different path. As a young child, Malco began performing as a rapper.

He continued creating music throughout his young adulthood, and even wrote lyrics for the Paula Abdul and MC Skat Kat duet, “Opposites Attract.” His career trajectory continued to soar when his group, College Boyz, produced “Victim of the Ghetto,” a number one hit on the rap charts. From there, Malco vaulted into music production for movies before transitioning to acting.

Comedic roles in television and film

In the late ‘90s, Malco began appearing in guest-starring roles on television and landed several major film parts. His co-starring role opposite Steve Carrell in The 40-Year-Old Virgin cemented Malco as a bona-fide comedy powerhouse. Malco showed off his creative chops behind the camera with Funny or Die Presents. Plus, he wrote, directed, and produced a film called Prison Logic.

Malco booked long-term gigs on series such as Weeds, No Ordinary Family, and the animated comedy, Unsupervised. On the big screen, some of his most high-profile comedic roles included Blades of Glory, Baby Mama, and the Think Like a Man series. He also delivered big laughs alongside Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish in the 2019 film, Night School.

Dramatic chops as seen on TV

While comedy comprises the bulk of Malco’s work, the actor has a remarkable dramatic range, and A Million Little Things is the perfect series to show off his superb talent. On the show, Malco portrays Rome, a television and film writer with a magnetic personality and a resilient spirit. The actor brings his unique energy to the role, making the character someone fans want to root for.

A Million Little Things revolves around a tight-knit group of friends and loved ones who were rocked by the suicide of their friend, Jon. In the aftermath, the group must deal with issues like grief, depression, infidelity, guilt, and reconciliation.

The writers have thrown Malco’s character, Rome, into complex situations centered around serious subjects such as death, depression, and suicide. The consummate professional has handled the material with grace, dignity, and style, not to mention pulling off believable performances in every episode.

Viewers who want to catch A Million Little Things from the beginning are in luck. The first and second seasons are streaming now on Hulu.

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