‘Before the 90 Days’: Jessica Calls Ben a ‘Narcissist’ and ‘Delusional’ Before Ending Their Friendship

The second half of the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days reunion aired on Apr. 10, 2022, and emotions were running high with the majority of the cast. One relationship we didn’t predict to be filled with drama ended before our very eyes. Ben Rathbun’s friend, Jessica, called it quits on the pair’s friendship after discovering what Ben said about her to Mahogany.

'Before the 90 Days' star Jasmine and Ben's friend Jessica go head to head at the reunion.
Jasmine and Jessica | TLC

Who is ‘Before the 90 Days’ star Ben’s friend Jessica?

Folks may remember Jessica from the early episodes this season. Before leaving to visit Mahogany in Peru, Ben sat down with some of his closest friends, including Jessica, to tell them about his new girlfriend. Ben’s story of how he met Mahogany and some of the details of their relationship immediately caused Jessica to raise her eyebrows.

“I know myself when I was that young. There’s no way I had that level of emotional maturity to pursue this type of relationship. But I think Ben is so desperate to find love, and to find this connection that he’s never felt before that he’s willing to believe anything,” Jessica told Before the 90 Days producers.

When she discovered that Ben had only spoken to Mahogany on the phone twice, she became even more concerned. Then Ben dropped the bombshell that he and Mahogany had never video chatted. However, he explained that she had at least sent him a video, and Jessica asked to see it. After watching the video and learning that Ben sent Mahogany money, Jessica felt Mahogany was catfishing Ben.

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Mahogany tells Jessica that Ben said she ‘stays in the drama’

At the reunion, producers brought Jessica out so host Shaun Robinson could ask her questions about the Before the 90 Days stars Ben and Mahogany’s relationship. Before long, Mahogany revealed Ben had made rude comments about Jessica. The Peruvian native stayed coy at first and claimed she didn’t want to destroy Jessica and Ben’s friendship. 

However, Jessica continued to press, “You’re all about honesty and integrity, so why don’t you tell the truth?”

Finally, Mahogany replied, “The true [sic] is that Benjamin tell me [sic] that you love to stay in the drama. I can see with Jasmine that you love to stay in the drama.” She continued, “It’s so sad because you have a husband. Respect your husband, respect your family.”

Jasmine eventually inserted herself into the argument, which led to more discussion about Gino sending flirty DMs to Jessica. It wasn’t long before Robinson stopped the conversation because the women began talking over each other, making it nearly impossible to understand.

Jessica called it quits on her friendship with ‘Before the 90 Days’ star Ben

While Ben and Mahogany’s relationship might be up in the air, Jessica and Ben’s is not. Jessica called it quits on her friendship with Ben after listening to everything Mahogany revealed Ben told her.

When Robinson asked her if this was the end of her friendship, Jessica addressed Ben directly. She said, “Ben, you’re a fraud. You’re a narcissist, you are thirsty as all hell despite what Jasmine wants to accuse me of, you’re a liar and a s*** friend. And that’s the truth.”

Ben appeared confused and asked Jessica to explain the issue at hand, which riled her up even more. “You’re literally been s*** talking me, you told her I was here for the drama. You’re selfish. You only put yourself first and I actually felt sorry for you, but after hearing Mahogany and after hearing the things you said about me, I have no sympathy for you at all.” Jessica continued, “I think you’re two-faced and you can consider any loyalty from me to be done.”

Jessica’s portion of the tell-all ended shortly after her conversation with Ben. As of now, it doesn’t look like there’s any hope for the pair to rekindle their friendship.

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