‘Behind Her Eyes’ Star Eve Hewson Is the Daughter of a Famous Rock Star

Along with I Care a Lot, Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes had viewers on edge and glued to their screens this February.

While some fans ignited a discussion about David’s Scottish accent, — he’s played by Tom Bateman — others focused on Eve Hewson’s performance as Adele in the British TV series. Though she’s no stranger to the acting world, some may be surprised to learn that her father is a famous rocker.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Behind Her Eyes]

'Behind Her Eyes' Eve Hewson as Adele
‘Behind Her Eyes’ with Eve Hewson as Adele | Netflix

Eve Hewson nailed it as Adele in ‘Behind Her Eyes’

In Behind Her Eyes, Eve Hewson really had to play three characters: Adele, Rob, and Louise. Viewers watched this disturbing love triangle unfold as David stayed locked in an unfulfilling marriage with Adele while beginning an affair with Louise. Murder, astral projection, and an unsettling secret set the stage for the story.

Hewson and her co-star Tom Bateman interviewed each other for MTV and she explained how she understood her character and the storyline.

“I was not confused actually with the story at all. For some reason, I really understood Adele and who she was, and what her motives were,” said Hewson.

“I was more excited by the challenge of sort of playing with reality and playing with the storyline, and the audience thinking they’re being led down one path when they’re actually being led down another,” she shared.

She added that she enjoyed the experience as it was something she’d never tried.

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Eve Hewson is Bono’s daughter

Undoubtedly used to show business, Hewson is the daughter of U2 front man, Bono. Born Memphis Eve Hewson, she’s the rocker’s second born out of four children. Her family is very close, and when she left her hometown of Dublin, Ireland to attend college in New York, her parents and younger brothers moved too.

Hewson once explained to The Telegraph how her parents met when they were teens and they all still have the same friends from childhood, including members of U2. They all grew up together, and now the next generation of kids is a close-knit bunch too. She also told the outlet that her parents are super cool.

“My dad said he figured out that in order to have a good relationship with your kids, you have to be more fun than them. And it’s true,” Hewson said of her father.

“My parents are way more fun than me and my siblings. We’re always like, ‘What restaurant are you going to? Whose party is that? Can we hang out with your friends?’” she said.

Where else fans can see Eve Hewson

While it’s unlikely there will be a season 2 of Behind Her Eyes, fans can check out Hewson in other roles. She played Anne Morgan in Tesla alongside Ethan Hawke, and she had the opportunity to fulfill a dream by working with Steven Spielberg on Bridge of Spies.

Hewson can also be found in another book adaptation, The Luminaries, which is now airing on Starz in the U.S. But the actor considers her biggest break to be the TV series The Knick, a show which ran from 2014-2015.

Fand can currently binge watch every episode of the limited series Behind Her Eyes on Netflix.