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Even though Miranda Lambert is a famous country singer in her own right, she still finds herself fangirling over other celebrities now and again. In 2017, Lambert appeared on the Bobby Bones Show for an interview. During the radio show appearance, Lambert revealed that she is always in awe whenever she runs into Faith Hill.

Miranda Lambert performs during the 55th annual Country Music Association Awards
Miranda Lambert | John Shearer/Getty Images for CMA

Miranda Lambert thinks she turns ‘into a complete idiot’ when she is around Faith Hill

Hill is one of the most successful singers in the country music industry, and she is married to another popular country artist, Tim McGraw.

While on the Bobby Bones Show in 2017, Lambert revealed that Hill makes her completely starstruck.

“Every time I’m around Faith Hill, I turn into a complete idiot,” Lambert said. “And I don’t know why. But it’s just Faith Hill. And she’s so pretty and she’s just awesome.”

Lambert then launched into a story about being on stage with Hill at the Academy of Country Music Awards.

“At the ACMs this year, we all won that award which was so weird, and we all go on stage. Nobody really knew what to do. We didn’t know if any other artists were going to walk on stage, and so everybody was just sort of, it was weird,” Lambert recounted.

She continued, “But anyway, I got stuck in the back with Faith she grabbed my hand and I was like, ‘Hello!'”

Miranda Lambert admires other country singers

Hill is not the only female country singer that Lambert admires. In 2022, the singer-songwriter was interviewed by the Best of US99 podcast.

On the podcast, Lambert described her respect for Lainey Wilson, Caylee Hammack, Tenille Towns, Ashley McBryde, and Elle King

“I love Lainey, I think she is out there kickin’ a** and I love her. I think she’s like gritty and cool and fun and she’s so sweet. And you just mentioned Caylee and Tenille. Ashley McBryde’s a good friend of mine, not that she needs my help. She’s kicking a** on her own,” Lambert said

She continued, “We stick together. We’re friends. We’re all in group texts all the time. I was just at Watershed last weekend and Caylee and Tenille came up and sang with me. Elle King! I just, I love that we have sort of this alliance.”


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The country singer thinks female artists are important

While on the Best of US99 podcast, Lambert revealed that she is in constant contact with Wilson, Hammack, Towns, McBryde, and King. 

“We’re constantly reaching out to each other and helping each other…,” Lambert shared. “But it’s really, it’s really sweet to have that. I mean probably once a week we’re all contacting each other some way or the other, for whatever reason even if it’s just to check in.”

For Lambert, having this bond with other women in country music is important.

“Those are all my people, actually,” said Lambert. “I didn’t really have that coming up because I was kind of started in like dudeville. And a lot of the guys were so great to me.”

She added, “But the girl part of it, that’s only something that the girls know.”