‘Below Deck’: Abbi Murphy Claims She’s Going to Look Like a ‘Frumpy Broke Girl’ at the Reunion

Former deckhand, Abbi Murphy from Below Deck shared that she’s getting ready for the reunion, but doesn’t exactly love what she is going to wear. Murphy and her husband have been busy running sailing charters in Greece.

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While the couple has been making ends meet, Murphy is nervous to attend the reunion because she can’t afford anything expensive to wear. She recently shared that she was having some anxiety about appearing on the reunion with the crew who will likely be seriously decked out. “I’m going to the Below Deck reunion show next week and I realized I have to get a fancy dress,” she shared on her Instagram story. “You have to look fancy and nice. But I’m broke. So I got my fancy dress for $40 off Amazon.”

Murphy continued by joking about how she’s going to have to alter the dress with pins, which could be popping and falling out the dress during the reunion. “It’s going to be the big drama at the show,” she jokes. If only …

A ‘frumpy broke girl’

She adds that she also scored a pair of shoes for $25. “And a $6 necklace to go with it,” she continues. “So yeah, I’m not in love with the dress. I’m not. But it’s in my price range, and that’s it. I’m just going to look like a frumpy broke girl compared to everyone else.”

Murphy says she’s not feeling overly comfortable about it either. “I’m kinda freaking out about it,” she says. “But yeah, I’m just warning you, sorry I’m not going to look as nice as everyone else but, $40 on Amazon. Just a forewarning.”

“Anyway, I’m going to try to make it work,” she says. “I’m definitely going to try to make it work so that you don’t realize that I didn’t spend a lot of money on my clothes. But it is a little bit large on me in more ways than one. So I don’t really have time to get it hemmed or anything because it would be a hardcore hem job. And who knows how much that would cost me? So yeah. There’s tape, like clothing tape. Maybe some clothespins. It’s just going to be held together with a bunch of pins,” she jokes.

Murphy returns to some serious drama

Murphy only stayed on the show for a few episodes. She seemed to gel nicely with the deck team but revealed that she didn’t like the job. She was also blasted by Captain Lee Rosbach for not remembering her radio or tying back her long locks.

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When Murphy was still on the deck team, the biggest drama revolved around the fights between chef Kevin Dobson and chief stew Kate Chastain. Plus, Murphy was a source of controversy when she got engaged during a text exchange. The crew wished her well but Rosbach shook his head. “How do you get proposed to via text, say yes the same way, and then get on the phone and talk about divorce,” he wrote in a blog post. “I’m stunned.”

After a very brief social media spat with Rosbach, Murphy and Rosbach wished each other well and she sailed off into the sunset, just as darkness fell over Valor.