‘Below Deck’: Abbi Murphy Dishes About an off Camera Moment During the Reunion

The Below Deck season 7 reunion looks like a pressure cooker as previews show crew arguments and Captain Lee Rosbach walks off the set.

However, deckhand Abbi Murphy shared one lighter moment she had with fellow deckhand Brian de Saint Pern. Murphy seemed to gain acceptance with the men on the boat before she left mid-season. She also seems to still be friendly with the deck team and sat with the deckhands during the reunion.

Brian de Saint Pern
Brian de Saint Pern | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

She recently tweeted a “behind the scenes” moment of levity she shared with de Saint Pern in between shooting. Murphy also said she had an entirely different experience on the boat than what ended up transpiring. “Yeah I had a completely different experience… it’ll definitely be an interesting reunion! Of course let me know how you feel after the rumored part 1 of 2,” she tweeted to a fan.

This was Murphy’s favorite part of the reunion

Murphy said her favorite part of the reunion didn’t happen on camera. “My fav part of the #belowdeck reunion happened off-camera,” Murphy tweeted. “Brian wanted to roll a smoke so I was like ok I’ll roll u one. He goes naah I got this girl, so I was like mmmkay. Lik a half hour later he’s like Abbi I can’t do it and hands me the mess he’s made & a ripped up paper.”

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She added, “I was like wtf did u do? & rolled us a couple smokes. Then I was like, do u have a lighter? Neither of us had lighters, so we tried lighting our smokes w the stove in my room (that ultimately didn’t work) while laughing our asses off.” Murphy continued, “This went on for about 15 minutes while my aunt watched in disbelief lol. Basically sums up how my presence was dysfunctional on deck lol.” De Saint Pern responded, “I thought I had it down…. But fail!”

Murphy then joked, “Also… another off-camera moment… the fact that my drink of choice both nights out was soda water, yet I walked into/couldn’t figure out how to open every door I had the audacity to walk through.”

The rest of the reunion looks intense

Previews show plenty of drama to go around as the crew confronts each other over issues that were brewing all season long. Finally, chief stew Kate Chastain and stew Simone Mashile discuss Mashile’s pent up resentment for being demoted from second to third stew. Chastain insists that any moves she made were not personal, but for the good of the boat. Mashile was relatively quiet about voicing any resentment this season but doesn’t hold back at the reunion.

Also, the crew discusses a social media post deckhand Tanner Sterback mother shared. Host Andy Cohen asks Sterback what his mother thought about how he treated Mashile, but Sterback said he never discussed the relationship with his mom. But then Sterback and deckhand Rhylee Gerber bicker over Sterback’s mother’s social media post and how his mother came for Rosbach. Gerber wondered how Sterback’s mother blamed Rosbach for her son’s behavior on the show.