‘Below Deck’: Ashton Pienaar Isn’t the Only Crew Member on Leslie Jones’ List

Now that comedian Leslie Jones has viewed the last two episodes of Below Deck, she has some choice words for nearly every man on Valor. Jones vacationed in London and shared she was not going to be able to watch the last two episodes of Below Deck.

Leslie Jones attends the Premiere of Sony's "The Angry Birds Movie 2"
Leslie Jones attends the Premiere of Sony’s “The Angry Birds Movie 2″| Rich Fury/Getty Images

Fans have grown accustomed to her brutally honest and extremely hilarious commentary during the show. So when two of the most dramatic episodes aired, fans were seriously missing Jones’ astute observations. Jones likes to live-tweet during the show. She also includes video with additional observations, which has fans thirsting for more.

Everyone knew Jones was going to come for bosun Ashton Pienaar. But Jones expressed that she wasn’t happy with deckhands Tanner Sterback and Brian de Saint Pern. She also didn’t hold back when it came to chef Kevin Dobson too.

She certainly wasn’t happy with Ashton Pienaar

Pienaar ended up being the focus of the show’s drama. Jones is a devoted fan of chief stew Kate Chastain so when Pienaar viciously lashed out at Chastain causing her to quit, she launched into Pienaar. But Jones was also angry with how Pienaar treated deckhand Rhylee Gerber. She observed how Pienaar tried to shame Gerber for struggling with a knot. “This dude lord I can not understand how he doesn’t see his behavior towards the women on the boat. Tanner can’t tie the f**king knot either but you not going in on him SMASTON!! Just a f**king brut!!”

She continued to slam Pienaar but became serious when she viewed the scene in the van. Jones seemed disgusted and concerned in her commentary, wondering why Dobson and Sterback didn’t intervene sooner. “This is not head of department behavior!! Ugh I’m so mad right now!! Like hey some muthaf**king sense you just talked to your mama!!”

When she views Pienaar punching the side of the van she says, “You’ve got issues cuz.” She becomes quiet and then shares, “That’s our worst fear. Is that y’all get drunk and come onto us and we reject you. And you just become violent.” She tweeted,” Ok at this point they just need yo not go drinking or at least not together geeeez! This is a mess.”

She added, “HEY @capthlr COME GET THESE DRUNK FOOLS!! Everyone should have come home and went to bed lord have mercy! But I hate Tanner the most right now lol what a f**k boy!! @Kate_Chastain Gurl you should have just went to bed omg this is crazy!”

The rest of the guys take it on the chin too

When de Saint Pern took stew Courtney Skippon on a date, she expressed that she was feeling tired and grumpy. Jones observed that Skippon simply isn’t into him and slammed de Saint Pern when he complained about the time and effort he put into the date. “What time and effort,” she asked. “You got a cart and bought two drinks. What f**king time and effort you put into it?”

As for Sterback, Jones is simply over him. She watched the segment where Sterback tells stew Simone Mashile they aren’t truly dating. “Every time Tanner opens up his mouth, he makes me want to throw up,” she says. “Such a f**king child.”

Dobson also didn’t escape Jones’ wrath. “See, people like you need to be destroyed,” she said during a clip showing Dobson talking about how the show must go on without Chastain. “So you want Kate to respect you but you have no respect for her.”