‘Below Deck’: Brian de Saint Pern Offers a Reunion Sneak Peek

As the Below Deck crew assembles for the highly anticipated reunion, deckhand Brian de Saint Pern offered a special peek behind the scenes. The deckhand took video and shared it to his Instagram story of the crew preparing to head into the studio to shoot the showdown

Captain Lee Rosbach, Rhylee Gerber, Kate Chastain, Simone Mashile, Courtney Skippon, Brian de Saint Pern, Kevin Dobson, Tanner Sterback
Captain Lee Rosbach, Rhylee Gerber, Kate Chastain, Simone Mashile, Courtney Skippon, Brian de Saint Pern, Kevin Dobson, Tanner Sterback | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

He traveled around the Watch What Happens Live lobby and peeked inside dressing rooms, saying “hello” to the cast and crew. A fury of activity surrounded the cast as hair, makeup and crew prepared the cast and the stage for the Tuesday afternoon shoot. The cast has been seriously divided after shooting season 7. As the season nears the end, viewers have witnessed a fallout, mainly between the men and women on the boat. 

Although the crew seemed to have had several issues with each other, most of the crew members greeted de Saint Pern with a smile and a wave.

Everyone seems to be getting along (for now) 

As de Saint Pern travels through the Watch What Happens Live hallways, he stops and visits with various cast members. Chief stew Kate Chastain rushes by wearing a gorgeous off the shoulder dress. They exchange a friendly hello as she quickly passes him, in a hurry to get to another room. He continues walking until he happens upon bosun Ashton Pienaar who is standing alone looking at his phone by a window. Pienaar seems happy to see de Saint Pern and waves. 

Next, de Saint Pern walks over to chef Kevin Dobson who is sporting a smart pink jacket. Dobson seems to be a little less enthusiastic with his greeting as he says hello. Dobson was in the hot seat last night on WWHL. He may be exhausted from the late night of grilling. He gives de Saint Pern a weary “hello” which makes de Saint Pern laugh. 

Deckhand Abbi Murphy is seen being filmed talking to a few people. Despite her insistence that she wasn’t going to fit the glam bill, she looks stunning in a black and red dress. 

His story offers a hint about reunion seating  

After visiting with everyone in the hallways, de Saint Pern swings by the dressing rooms. He spies Captain Lee Rosbach and his wife Mary Anne in the first dressing room. They exchange a warm hello. He continues to the next dressing room where deckhand Rhylee Gerber seems to still be working on wardrobe. She looks gorgeous in her shimmering dress. A producer suddenly announces that the crew needs to move into the studio. 

Next, de Saint Pern shares a few images of the cast sitting down in the studio. The layout appears to be very similar to previous Below Deck reunions with the cast seated in the Clubhouse. One image de Sant Pern shared showed that he is sitting next to deckhand Tanner Sterback. Seated next to Sterback is Murphy. 

Another group he shared included Pienaar, Dobson and then de Sant Pern is seated next to Dobson. Thus far he hasn’t revealed stews Courtney Skippon or Simone Mashile’s outfits or seating arrangement. Or where Gerber, Chastain, and Rosbach will be seated.  

The Below Deck reunion airs on Monday, February 10 only on Bravo.