‘Below Deck’: Courtney Skippon Admits That Ironing Is Preferable to the Reunion

A Bravo reunion is typically a messy process. Some reality shows on the network will host a reunion wrap up that allows the cast to air final grievances and hopefully make amends. Since the cast of Below Deck Mediterranean didn’t get a reunion, fans were overjoyed to learn that the Below Deck season 7 cast would reunite.

Kate Chastain, Courtney Skippon, Simone Mashile, Kevin Dobson, Tanner Sterback, Ashton Pienaar, Brian de Saint Pern, Rhylee Gerber
Kate Chastain, Courtney Skippon, Simone Mashile, Kevin Dobson, Tanner Sterback, Ashton Pienaar, Brian de Saint Pern, Rhylee Gerber | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

This season of Below Deck has been particularly intense, with gender lines drawn and each side claiming to be in the right. With only one more episode to go, no resolution appears to be in sight and each side is thoroughly dug in.

Some cast members shared videos and images of the crew getting ready to shoot the reunion. Deckhand Brian de Saint Pern shared video and photos to his Instagram story of the cast getting ready. Many cast members offered a friendly smile but looked nervous thinking about what was about to transpire.

It sounds like the reunion may have been painful

Cast members haven’t revealed what occurred during the reunion, which was shot on a Tuesday afternoon. But one fan asked stew Courtney Skippon if she’d prefer to iron or shoot the reunion and her answer was pretty telling.

She first shared a photo of herself looking exhaustedly over everything. “Me thinking about the #BelowDeck reunion,” she tweeted. “Hair like I just got shot out of a cannon, soulless eyes, listless expression, loss of all hope, etc.”

A fan asked, “Which is worse…reunion or ironing?” Skippon’s answer: “Reunion.” Although Skippon made the reunion sound pretty painful, some other cast members seemed to make it out unscathed. Deckhand Abbi Murphy shared some photos with the deck crew. Chef Kevin Dobson posted a photo of the crew lined in front of the step and repeat. Everyone seems comfortable and smiling.

Captain Lee hinted that the reunion went well for one person

Bravo released the seating chart which didn’t offer any big surprises. Dobson, plus the deck team, minus deckhand Rhylee Gerber were on one side of the room. The other side included the interior, plus Gerber. Captain Lee Rosbach sat next to chief stew Kate Chastain. In the middle of the drama was host Andy Cohen.

While all will be revealed on February 10, Rosbach offered one hint that points to a pretty good reunion for Gerber. Rosbach and Gerber got off to a rough start this season. She spilled that he refused to tip her for the first charter when she returned midseason. Plus, Gerber knew that bosun Ashton Pienaar was constantly complaining about her to Rosbach.

However, Rosbach tweeted that he’s proud of how Gerber conducted herself during the reunion. “@rhylee_gerber Well done this evening. Really enjoyed our time together. Be safe out there.” Gerber is known for having a temper and was the subject of isolation and ridicule by her deck team coworkers. She tried to tone down her responses this season, which she told Decider she later regretted.

However, Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean loved reading that Gerber and Rosbach meshed. “Love reading this and look forward to the #BelowDeck reunion! Come on Feb 10th!” she wrote. Fans have also hoped perhaps someday Gerber might return as Yawn’s bosun on Below Deck Med.