‘Below Deck’: Emily Warburton-Adams Shares Her Emotional Story of Recovery and Hopes to Help Others

Emily Warburton-Adams from Below Deck, season four was always the extremely competent stew who could handle any situation. She also won the heart of chef Ben Robinson.

Although Warburton-Adams only appeared in one season, fans continued to follow her story, especially cheering for her romance with Robinson. Although distance eventually made the romance fizzle, Robinson and Warburton-Adams are still close friends. His friendship was especially important when she and her family faced her father’s battle with stage 4 colorectal cancer.

Emily Warburton-Adams
Emily Warburton-Adams |Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Her father’s cancer was discovered while he was on a business trip to Malaysia. However, while receiving treatment he died in February. Warburton-Adams now reveals another battle she’s fought and won. She is sharing her private story in an effort to help others who may feel lost and still struggling.

She found the courage to share

As a teen, Warburton-Adams dealt with anorexia and depression. She decided that on World Mental Health Day 2019, she would go public with her story. She shared a striking image to her Instagram. “2 years after my first Mental Health Campaign I’m sharing a recovery image, something that I’ve not had the courage to do previously,” she began her post. “I’m doing so to share a message of hope, belief and strength, from a girl who once had none.”

The top image was when she had been admitted for the second time to an adult clinic at age 18. This was after five years of suffering from anorexia and depression. “Evidently NOT an appealing place to be, I had Osteoporosis, a heart rate of 30 and was on 24/7 watch,” she shared.

It was at that moment she realized if she didn’t help herself she wouldn’t have a future. “I was SO UTTERLY DETERMINED to recover and live a life that I could be proud of & to be a daughter and sister who was loveable that I took the steps to really try and get there,” she added.

She knows recovery is possible

Warburton-Adams says she went public with her very personal story in an effort to reach out and help others. “Behavioural, physical and mental change is challenging and there’s no set route to your destination goal but it’s ALWAYS possible and YOU can do it,” she wrote.

She continued, “If you’re struggling, (on any level), or witnessing, you deserve help. Its a gift to be alive and you deserve to become the person you imagine you can be. Like everything worth fighting for, it takes daily commitment and remembering in your darker periods that there’ll be brighter ones soon.”

Warburton-Adams offset the first two images with a current photo, looking healthy and happy. Adding, “I’m a firm believer that it’s not what you’ve been through but how you respond to life experiences that’s important. It’s often the steeper climbs that lead to the better views and we all live through experiences that can make us stronger people if we have the right tools in place.”