‘Below Deck’: Is Jen Howell Still in Yachting?

It wasn’t exactly smooth sailing for Below Deck stew Jen Howell during season five. The stew wasn’t chief stew Kate Chastain’s favorite but the two had a playful but extremely odd relationship.

Howell seemed a little off her game at times, especially when Chastain would dog her when her work wasn’t up to snuff. The two often crossed the line with each other. Chastain would make harsh statements to Howell in the name of comedy, but then Howell would give it right back to her.

Jen Howell
Jen Howell |Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Fans wondered if this season would be Howell’s last in the industry. Although she and Chastain seemed to mend fences, she didn’t seem overly sure if yachting was for her. So is she still in the yachting industry?

She’s into it

When Howell chatted with  After Deck podcast, she said she enjoyed the challenges yachting brought to her life. I love challenging myself and learning new things,” she said, Bravo’s The Daily Dish reports. “I think that I just need to change my perspective a little bit, have less expectations, and then I think it can live up to my expectations.” 

When she embarked upon her Below Deck season, the green yachtie admitted to having some pretty high hopes. But she said she changed her outlook and expectations. “I think that I just need to change my perspective a little bit, have less expectations, and then I think it can live up to my expectations.” 

During her season, Chastain explained to Howell that the first season on a yacht is always the hardest. “I think the first yacht job is hard,” she said, Bravo’s The Daily Dish recounts. “The second year is great because it’s still kind of new but you know what you’re doing. And then it goes back to downhill.”

Did she stick with yachting?

Howell returned to Florida and her daughter after Below Deck season five wrapped. According to her LinkedIn, she’s still in yachting. Howell is based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and is a “Freelance Yacht Stewardess, Luxury Real Estate & International Real Estate Sales.”

Not only is Howell still in yachting, but she’s also really amped up her game. According to her bio on Instagram, Howell is a chief stew. She also shares plenty of fun pictures at work too.

Howell also posts some pretty amazing landscape photos from her hometown in Florida. “Moon bathing ” she shared last summer. Recently she caught the most extraordinary moonrise. “What a wonderful tribute by the moon itself to the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission!” 

She’s still family first

Howell often talked about her daughter when was on Below Deck. She seemed to be a very devoted mother who missed her child during the season. She usually shares sweet photos of her daughter on Instagram too. “The sole reason my heart beats.. I love you more than the universe is big, my angel. ❤️”

She also recently had a scary health scare that involved her father. “It’s not too often that I share intimate details of my health or that of my loved ones but because I believe in the power of prayer I am asking for your intentions more than ever,” she posted to Twitter in May. “My Dad is in critical condition after triple bypass heart surgery.” 

Thankfully, Howell can report that her father is doing well. “Best Father’s Day Ever,” she celebrated on Twitter. “My dad is officially home from the hospital & I could not be happier! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers through one of the scariest months of my life.”