‘Below Deck’: Jemele Hill Reveals That Kate Chastain Made Her a Special ‘Rocket Ship’

Journalist and Below Deck charter guest Jemele Hill left fans with one last gift—a photo of the blanket fold chief stew Kate Chastain left on her bed during charter.

Like charter guest Dean Slover, Chastain and Hill didn’t have the best start. Hill asked Chastain if her group was annoying her because she noticed Chastain had a stern demeanor. Chastain seemed supremely irritated that Hill called her out for not smiling and had a few choice words to say about Hill. However, the women came together during Hill’s 90’s party and Chastain said Hill and her friends were some of her favorite charter guests.

Kate Chastain
Kate Chastain | Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Hill chartered Valor to celebrate her bachelorette party and requested plenty of “penis themed” items during their voyage. This included the now-infamous graphic penis cake chef Kevin Dobson created. Chastain was at her wit’s end with Dobson and purposely sent him to serve the cake after Hill went to bed. Her friends and Captain Lee Rosbach stayed at the table to talk about charity work. After the big cake presentation, Dobson retreated feeling humiliated and everyone was embarrassed.

But Chastain made it up to Hill

Hill tweeted a photo of the blanket fold Chastain created on her bed before the cake presentation. Keeping with the theme (Chastain loves a theme party), Chastain recreated her signature “rocket ship” blanket fold on Hill’s bed.

“#D**kGate during my appearance on #BelowDeck became a thing. But here’s what the cameras didn’t show: The lovely ⁦@Kate_Chastain⁩ placed a d**k on my bed before the penis cake debacle. Maybe the tension between Kate and Kevin was cause hers was bigger? #JustJokes,” Hill tweeted during the episode along with the photo.

Stew Courtney Skippon replied, “You have to give it to her.” Plus fans couldn’t resist. “Kate needs to do a YouTube video on how to do this fold to educate all of us,” one person suggested. Many comments really gave it up for Chastain. “Totally hers was bigger. How about calling all the women out that are supporting the men and bashing Kate? I can’t do it all by myself and I’m getting really pissed off at them,” another person remarked. Chastain re-tweeted Hill’s post too.

It’s really not a rocket ship

Even though it’s obvious Chastain didn’t create a rocket ship on Slover’s bed, she never truly came clean with what she really created. Until recently when she “accidentally” admitted she was going for something phallic at the time.

During a Stars Marketing Group event in Columbus, Ohio Chastain let it slip that she intended to create a penis. Captain Lee Rosbach sat next to Chastain and couldn’t contain his laughter. “A d**k blanket,” Rosbach said as the crowd went wild. “It was a rocket ship up until this point! It is now officially a d**k blanket! You are so busted.”

Rosbach continued, “You are so busted. You have officially admitted it was a d**k blanket.” Chastain is now laughing and finally admitted it. “I am!” Rosback was clearly loving the moment. “You guys are the first to hear this!” he said. “She has gone on numerous, numerous interviews and said it’s a f**king rocket ship. You guys are here to hear this first, it’s a d**k blanket.”