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Kate Chastain may be at her boiling point with chef Kevin Dobson from Below Deck. A preview shows that Chastain is so fed up with the chef she may resort to getting “creative revenge” on him after he calls her a dick.

Kevin Dobson
Kevin Dobson | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Dobson and Chastain have had a tense relationship, almost from the beginning. Chastain took it as “shots fired” when Dobson announced at the first tip meeting that the interior needed to fine-tune its skills. Since then the two exchanged barbs on a number of occasions, with Dobson often trying to run her department when it came time for meals to be delivered.

But now that the season is coming to a close, Chastain seems to have had enough, especially after Dobson appears to be unyielding about how he wants his food presented.

He insists the food be served in a casserole dish

Dobson tells Chastain he wants to use glass casserole dishes for salads. “You want me to serve the guests in this crockery,” she asks. He explains, “It’s not like a tossed salad. Both of these salads aren’t tossed.” Chastain confirms then that he is serving more of a casserole.

At that point, he seems to be frustrated with her. “I don’t know why you are being a dick about this,” he says to her. He then launches into the dishes and she responds that she isn’t being a “dick” about it either. “I’m trying to explain to you that we have a lot of s**t to carry and I’m the one lifting it. I’m the one serving it, but if this makes you happy, let’s do it,” she responds.

She says in a confessional that she’s about done with Dobson. “At this point, I’m so sick and tired of every word that comes out of Kevin’s mouth. Everything’s got to be a fight with him.” Cameras travel down memory lane, showing a sampling of the altercations between Dobson and Chastain.

He probably needs to watch his back

Chastain has literally had enough. “He called me a dick over casserole dishes,” she says. “I have this gift of creative revenge that I only use when I’m very angry. Well, congratulations Kevin. You’ve made me very angry.”


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That anger was clearly building for months. Plus the fact that Chastain said she’d prefer chef Leon Walker from season 3 over Dobson speaks volumes. Chastain appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and was asked if she’d rather work with Walker or Dobson. “Honestly, Leon, because he didn’t speak very much at all, which was better than Kevin speaking so much,” she said.

“I mean, Kevin’s like a Pinterest recipe chef,” she jabbed. “He says I don’t have foodie taste, but he makes chicken parm.” Cohen wondered if maybe Chastain and Dobson had some sexual tension instead. But Chastain said definitely not.  “I think it’s definitely not for me, and I’m pretty sure it’s definitely not for Kevin,” she insisted. “I just don’t think that either of us even wants to be around each other.”